Who owns wedgwood pottery firm?

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Do you know the name of wedgwood pottery firm owner in UK, please mention the founder and the key people in this firm. Regards!

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  1. Tom Reeds

    KPS Capital Partners own the movie named Wedgewood. It is a private equity company which is based in the New York City, USA. The company Wedgewood was founded by Josiah Wedgewood and Sons was founded in May 1, 1759. It later joined with Waterford Crystal and formed a company which was named by the representatives of both the company named Waterford Wedgewood. Waterford Crystal was a Ireland based luxury brands groups. Wedgwood Waterford Royal Doulton can also be written as WWRD , it is a big group of companies and Wedgewood became the part of the company Wedgewood Waterford Royal Doulton after KPS Capital was purchased in 2009.
    January 2009 was a year of financial crises. Wedgewood was then placed into administration.
    Josiah Wedgewood worked with different established potters, one of which was Thomas Whieldon. He then started a pottery business. His launch of new venture was helped by his marriage cousin who bought great amount of dowry.
    Wedgewood created a new earthenware in 1765 from which English Queen was impressed and with her permission it was called Queen Ware. This new form was extremely popular all over the world. Wedgewood later developed a number of innovations for his company which was a way to measure temperature accurately. In recognition of the importance of pyrometer. Wedgewood was elected a member of Royal Society in 1783.Today, the Wedgewood Prestige collection sells replicas of some of the original designs.

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