How can I become a sound engineer?

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I like to adopt the career of sound engineer, I was already performed in a dance group, I would like to know the basics by which I can become a sound engineer.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are lot of things that will help you in becoming sound engineer. There are different workshops that help you in leaning about the music and theatre and how to utilize the sound in such programs. If you are too young to go to such schools you can still seek help from the crew members or from the people who are working in this field. There is a lot of help available on the internet and you can use all such materials to gain more knowledge about sound engineering and you there is a book of Sound Reinforcement handbook, you can learn from this book also.
    There are different tools available such as audio editing software, which include Pro tools, there are digital performers for both live and logic. Many these products have free demos available. If you see an concert, you can also seek help from the professionals there and also show them how interested you are in learning about the science of sounds. You have to get familiar with different types of music and should also know about their science how they sound like. You can also do internship with such companies in order to learn about the studios and to get used to different kind of sound. Electrical engineers also have some knowledge of different kinds of sounds, you can seek guidance from them as well.

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