Top events of 2001 from a teen’s point of view

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Hi there

I have a project to do in my computer class to describe the year 2001 from a teenagers point of view. I figure that for most teens TV/Movies, Sports, Clothes, and Music are the most important things in their lives. Can you give me any information on Top Ten things of 2001, such as Best Dressed, Top Athletes of the Year? Things like that. Anything you can find would really help me out. I am looking forward for useful information


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  1. John

    Hi Annie,

    I am happy to see that you want to know about the top TV/movie events of the year 2001. For the celebrity things I would try People Online (, Teen People Online (, or E! Online (, as you can get almost everything from gossip to news about the celebs, teens on this portal. You can assess the top major events of the year.

    If you want to know about fashion or cloths related things I would try Alloy Online ( or Katrillion Online ( For the athlete things I'd suggest Sports Illustrated ( or

    Just visit these portals and grab all the information which may clear your mind. I think it is quite easy for you to make an assessment now. I am hopeful now you get all the information which you were particularly looking for. So keep it up and share any question related to these sites and make yourself satisfied.

    Best of luck!

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