Actresses Katherine or Audrey, which one is better?

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Just trying to get a variety of opinions and since they were big during the years you have specified I would like your opinion. How would you compare both the actresses, Katherine or Audrey. Which one in better in your opinion?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Did you see \"guess Who's Coming to dinner\"? Katherine Hauptman, who played the daughter was Kate's niece. I just didn't care that much for Audrey Hepburn. I didn't consider her a great beauty or a great actress. I thought she was a really cute girl, but I couldn't see what all the fuss was. She was a very admirable woman, when she was more mature. By the greatness of her beauty and talent was mostly a really good press campaign.

    That happened in quite a few actors and actresses. Kate Hepburn was a larger than life woman and actress. I don't think Katherine was a great beauty in the physical sense. Although her looks were not that good But she carried herself with such aplomb and she just had a regal presence, and she could convince you she was any character she played. She was the epitome of a glamour girl, but in real life outside camera , she schlepped around in old pants and sweaters etc. She could be so dramatic you could feel every emotion her character was experiencing, and in a comedy, she was such a natural kook, you just never realized you were watching someone play a part.

    So, guess I liked Katie better

    Audrey Hepburn really wasn’t even in that many movies. A good press campaign can make a lot of people think they like a player more than they actually do. So many people, if they are told someone is great, believe it, just on the strength of being told. You hear \"Genius\" applied to some actors that just really have some good material, written by someone else, and the hype works. Comedy players for instance, get credit for \"Creating\" the comedy created by writers, and do none of their own writing.
    Katherine Hepburn was one who did her job very well, and managed to remain a mystery to most people, because she was such a private person. She played the parts she was supposed to, and kept her private life, private.

    She would have been very good in public service. She was extremely bright, and had great respect for people as human beings. She was a natural person, and just didn't play studio politics, and didn't do the \"Pampered star\" routine. she was just folks. She just did her job, and loved doing it. She didn't consider herself royalty, but she would have been good at that too.

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