Am I too tall for ballet dance?

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I need to know that I am too tall for ballet dance. My height is 5’11”. Please! Help me about it. Does anyone tell me about it?

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  1. Judi

     It doesn't matter. I'm nearly 6 feet and a ballerina. Yet the least significant young female in our school isn't 5 feet yet. There is lots of profession for tall ballet dancers so keep optimistic. It also greatly depends onto what directors need or need at that moment within moment; within ballet companies the manager may need a tall dancer for certain roles. There are lot tall specialized ballet dancers today whom are very successful. Here are a number of names which you may be interested towards you: Yuan Yuan Tan, San francisco Ballet, Zenaida Yanowski, Royal Ballet, and Darcey Bussell, Royal Ballet (Height : 5' 7").
    There have been numerous considerations about big dancers and I accept as factual there is much wish for bigger dancers. It has been said that American and French choreography dancers are inclined to be taller. And furthermore, Darcey Bussel was saying bigger ballerinas were evolving more sought. You may desire to gaze into Ballet West dancers as one reconsider said; the ballerinas are big, long-limbed, and attractively proportioned.
    The most significant thing is to be confident. You are a big person who promenades so promenade like a big dancer. Be impressive, be extravagant and reside up to your long limbs. There is not anything better than glimpsing a big person who promenades who values her entire body. And in compare, there is not anything poorer than glimpsing a big person who promenades who inhibits herself and promenades minuscule. Always recall promenading large-scale and using up all the space round you.

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