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I read one of your responses from 2005 where you said a larger size tire 20 vs. 17 will improve dry and wet traction(except hydroplaning) but degrade snow traction and hydroplaning resistance. Explain to me why wet traction gets better but snow traction is degraded. I am trying to decide between 18 and 20 for a new Mazda Cx-9. I have heard the ride is rough on concrete pavement on the 20. DO you have a recommendation?


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  1. John


    Lets start with the last question first. I am not a fan of plus sizing unless you plan to race. The only real benefits are traction, and there are a whole lot of negatives.

    Traction? Wet traction - excluding hydroplaning is a function of how much the tire can penetrate the road texture, just like it is for dry traction. The problem is that hydroplaning becomes a factor fairly early in some locales and most folks do not distinguish between the two. So it is better to make a difference first.

    Snow traction can be divided into 2 components - touching the road surface, where any bit of touching generates more traction, and this is the most common case and floating on the snow, which is the low traction arena. It is always best to reach the road surface if you can. I hope now you have an idea about snow traction, and way to get rid or overcome snow and dry traction.

    Hope this helps.


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