Can salt effect the boiling temperature of water?

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My friend is doing an experiment on a science project regarding boiling salt and water, I like to know about the effects of boiling salt on water.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    We have to conduct a simple experiment to measure the effect of boiling salt on water. First we have to take some ingredients to conduct this experiment which are as follows
    We will require a Table Salt, Distilled Water, 2 Quart Cooking Pot, Pint measuring cup, Teaspoon and tablespoon measuring spoons, Thermometer, Stirring spoon.
    Experimental Procedure:
    First we have to boil distilled water on a stove.
    Then we have to measure the temperature of the boiling water. After that the highest temperature is recorded. This temperature is used for the further studies. After that we have to measure the table salt with spoon. We have to level the spoon. Then we have to add the salt to the boiling water and mix it.
    The measurement of temperature is required of the boiling salt with water in it. We can record the reading highest temperature. Repeat the whole process for different amount of salts. According to our observations we have found that salt was added to boil the water again, then there was a process of boiling of the water if different phases, like first it bubbles up more, but then it stopped boiling and then it again started boiling. Keep the thermometer over the pot to measure the complete reading of temperatures.
    There are following conclusions that were made from the experiments.
    First it proves that adding salt to water causes the water to boil at a higher temperature. You should wear glove during this experiment.

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