im so scared please help me PLEASE. i am getting my shot and i am so scared please comfort me

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i am getting my shot and i am so scared please comfort me

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  1. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

    Don't worry. Be happy. Be brave. Don't look at the doctor putting the shot in you, look and focus your attention on something else. When the shot is being done, Think of something you really like such as a funny joke, a sport, friends, school, or maybe even your favorite scene in a movie so that way you won't be as scared. (It's good to be thinking about that while the doctor is getting the shot ready for you so that way you won't notice when it happens ahead of time.)

    Hope I Helped!

    -Ashton, The Good Helper (A.T.G.H.)..

    Well, good luck. I really enjoy helping people out.

    -Peace_Out! (P.O.) :D

  2. Laura Smith
    Just think of something else while its being done. something happy!! :)
  3. Leonardo
    well don't you think that you are alone, New York is breathing with you, just look at your hands and give them power. Now feel the difference.

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