how to have friend

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how to have friends in age of 16

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  1. Guest23890032
    No offence but if u dont have a friend at the age of 16 that's sad ur a lame loser

  2. ZZ

     There is no way you can make your friends they are always there you only need to search them they are always around you and you don't know about them. You need to make judgments about things and things will be more and more clear to you. Friends are always there among those people to whom you meet in your life time. A friend might be that person whom once you hate the most and when upon spending a time together things turn around and your opinion about the things start to change. You just have to walk through your life and friends will be there in front of you.   

  3. monicia

    Do you like music? i think you can make friends who like music. They are quite kind. I recently mede a friend with Tom and he gave me an mp3 player which he bought on shoppingkool. i liked it so much and we always listen to music together.

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