how do you stop the droid phone from saying droid all the time

by Guest13111125  |  11 years, 8 month(s) ago

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how do you stop the droid phone from saying droid all the time

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  1. Guest24283172

    I set it for a different call notification then went back to DROID.  It seems so friendly after awhile.

  2. Guest23964982

    Because Droid is a piece of s**t for a phone!

  3. Guest23884359

    well; my phone doesnt even turn on! everytime i turn my phone on its says HTC incredable then it says droid and jst keeps repeating it. & it will not stop! i need help !!!!  anyone know what i can do?

  4. Guest20212367
    So I took the droid to verizon because it kept going on silent. I knew I had not set it on silent. So they took off all the apps. Now it is saying droid all the time-each hour. This phone is driving me crazy. E Vincent
  5. Guest13515276
    Its set as the default notification for messages and things. Go to Settings>sound and display>notification ringtone. choose something other than droid....
  6. Guest13416029
    Wish I had the answer to that question myself. It does grow on you after Awhile.

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