Properties of Jet Fuel.

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What happens to the jet fuel in the air, after the fuel is burnt where does it go , what are the specifications and characteristics of jet fuel, it is similar to ordinary fuel or is it different.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Jet Fuel is a fuel which is mainly use in planes and aircrafts, it can be a jet fighter plane or any other ordinary plane. These engines are different from the conventional engines , the engines of aircrafts are powered by gas turbine. There are different types of fuel which are used in the planes but most common of them are Jet A and Jet A-1 which are subject to international specification. There is another type of jet fuel which is used in Jet B for the enhancement In performance in the cold weather. It is mostly used in civilian turbine engine. Jet fuel is mixture of different types of hydrocarbons.
    Fuel for aircraft is also known as high octane gasoline and it is used in a piston engine and to improve the ignition it has a low flash point. Turbine engines are designed in a way to operate with different kind of fuels and jet –aircrafts engines use the fuel with higher flash points. In this case it becomes easy to transport and also easy to handle and also making it less flammable. In the beginning jet fuels are kerosene or gasoline-kerosene mix, but still most of the fuels are kerosene based which are used today for the aircraft.

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