can I get an iphone 4g in London without a plan

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can I get an iphone 4g in London without a plan

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  1. chiefminister

    You can get an iPhone 4 in London without any plan. But it would be very costly. You can get contract phones which would be low in cost. But you have to stick up with a single network. You can either unlock it or get a network locked iPhone 4 from Ebay.Com at low cost and unlock it yourself. You can unlock an iPhone 4 safer and easier using remote unlocking service. You can get the remote unlocking service for an iPhone 4 from at afforable cost with easy unlocking guide. This is a permanent unlocking method and doesn't require a jailbreak too. Good luck mate.

  2. Guest22573289

    you can get an iphone 4g in london without a plan but you would have to pay much more for it.  if you get a plan from O2 the price of the phone is much cheaper.

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