What is egg drop contest?

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I have heard about the egg dropping contest, where it is held. What are our objectives in this contest and where this game is played.

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  1. James Augustus

    A baby is absolutely reliant on its mother while in the womb for sustenance, supplied through the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord comprises two arteries and one vein that give the baby an unchanging supply of oxygenated and nutrient-filled blood from the placenta. This is how the baby is granted nutrients for it to grow and develop. The oxygenated blood furthermore provides air for the baby.
    The baby's lungs are not fully developed for breathing and are filled with fluid when they are in the womb. So babies are unable to breath in the womb. Babies ingest air through fluid and blood supplied through the umbilical cord. It is a common misconception that babies "breathe" when they are in the womb. A baby can practice "breathing" while in the womb and even sometimes experience hiccups, but she is not actually breathing air.

  2. Tom Reeds

    The egg drop contest is an experiment performed by eggs. In this competition our object is to make or develop a device which should keep the eggs intact when dropped from the height. It is a contest which is performed mostly in schools and colleges. There a limited type of material which is required and provided to build such kind of structure. The eggs are dropped from various heights depending upon the type of competition in which you are participitating.
    One type of Egg Drop competition is Naked Egg Drop, in which the egg is dropped into the container and the person below catching the egg should catch the egg in such a way that it should not break. This types of competition goes on until the egg break or the catcher misses the egg catching in the container.
    There is another type of Egg Drop competition is the Egg Hurl competition, where the trebuchet or air cannon is used to catch the eggs. There is also variation in these types of competition such as they lack tall structures and their structure may vary according to the drop of the container. The Egg Hurl variation adds additional difficulties to the design of the container, as it has to move in both horizontal and vertical positions. The best way to protect the egg is to do it with paper mesh.

  3. Tom Reeds

    Here we have to understand that while in the womb , a baby is completely dependent on its mother for substance, and all the food and other supply reaches the baby through the umbilical cord. The umbilical chord comprises of two arteries and one vein that give proper supply of oxygen to the baby and nutrients which is filled with blood. There is oxygenated blood which is supplied to provide air for the baby.

    There is some misconception among us that while in the womb baby can breathe, as a matter of fact it cannot breathe inside the womb because its lungs are filled with fluid. Also babies during the gestation period do not breathe, instead they ingest air through fluid and blood. The required air the baby needs to breathe while in the womb reaches the baby in this way. It is the natural instinct that a baby tries to breathe in the womb and even experiences hiccups but infact she is not breathing air it is just a part of his natural processes of the body which his organs are doing. There is a crucial period where a baby is breathing for the first time when he is born, because as the lungs of the baby are filled with liquid and due to the challenges of the labor, it is sometimes difficult for a baby to breathe. It is a challenging and stressful moment in the baby’s life. Here is the time where infact has to process his lungs and also has to deal with blood circulations.

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