With whom Steve Marin perform duet at a concert at East Hampton?

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I heard about the performance of Steve Martin in a concert that he had a duet performance with someone else at a concert held at East Hampton, New York on Saturday 02July, 2011. I am a big fan of Steve Marin and had watched his most of the performances and movies. I like him in the comedian role a lot and I think comedy suites him. So, coming back to my question please tell about the other person and how the performance of both was and who performed really well during their performance. I am looking for your quick feedback and want to have complete details about my question. Thanks

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    At the concert held at East Hampton, New York on Saturday 02 July 2011 the funnyman Steve Martin excited the audience during a concert with the Steep Canyon Rangers by welcoming fellow actor Alec Baldwin to join him onstage. The Parenthood star appeared with the bluegrass band and had an extra-special treat for revelers. Steve stopped the performance to introduce Baldwin, who was sitting in the audience and the 30 Rock star then joined Martin onstage for a performance of Jubilation Day, a track Martin recorded on his Rare Bird Alert album. According to News Steve Martin told the audience that I would like to introduce one of the best bass singers that I know and that is no other then Baldwin. Both of them performed well and we can’t say that Steve was good or Baldwin was good; both performed well.

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