A movie made on Wine moments.

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I am looking for documentary on Wine, there are some scenes which were from the movies 1970s and earlier that show what a s****. thing wine appreciation was. Do you know of any such movie with some good scenes.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The only thing that comes to my mind is Mondovino. It is an Italian word and it means World of Wine. It is a documentary film made in the year 2004. This movie is about impact of Wine with reference to globalization. It was directed by American film maker Jonathan Nossiter. This movie was also named for 2004 Cannes film Festival. It was also nominated for Cesar Award. There is also a comparison shown in the movie about wine makers in which there were multinational wine makers and on the other hand there was single estate wineries who make vine for individual character driven.
    The unique thing about Mondovino is that it is filmed by a hand held Sony PD-150 which is a digital camcorder. The photographers name was Stephanie Pommez and the budget was around $400,000. There were over 500 hours of original film shot, and it was shot at different locations in seven countries on three continents five different languages which are French, Italian, Spanish, English and Portugese. The whole movie was shot by a single camera, and for about 60% of the time, it was operated by Nossiter. There is no narration in the movies. There was no such requirement of intense zooms and sometimes it depends upon the movement of your eyeball but due to this reason the focusing was lot easy.

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