Why do Muslims hate Pakistan?

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Why do Muslims hate Pakistan? I have met many Muslims online who are not Pakistanis hate Pakistan a lot.

As a Pakistani it was an insult to me when one of those answers actually pointed Osama Bin Ladin as a next ruler and he was actually given thumbs up.

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  1. Guest24560958

    the question is why do muslims hate america.


  2. Guest23945853

    Cause of the dumbass bros the develop in foreign countries that speak stupid a*s phrases like, 'Wha go on' and 'eennny'.

  3. Guest23717766

    Muslims hate pakistan coz pakistan have done genocide against muslims. They have already killed bangladeshis in 1971, baluchis, pushtons and many arab mujahidins nd continiously killing. the right name of pakistan should be munafiq republic of Kheengirstan.

  4. Guest22729937

     Brothers and sisters, before we are divided into nations/races/etc we are all Humans? or maybe not???, and i think most of the  people can just criticise and thats exactly what your local media channel wants you to do, but unfortunately most of the dumb asses buy it!! whatever CNN,GEO,BBC etc are selling, well they are making enough money and not wasting their time, lolz but now you can wake up, and get a life, and keep your self busy enough that you don't hate anyone, life is too short, well maybe not its the longest d**n thing a person can do, so please try and live in peace, AND remember not every Black is a theif, not every Irish is Dumb, not every White is freemason, not every Muslim is terrorist &  not every Indian is smelly. so please enjoy the rest of your life and stopping hating Humans.

  5. Guest22611679

    Pakistan is a cancer in the region.

    After 200 years of being a slave to the British now they are slaves to Arab's.

    The government is a b***h to the Arabs. They go across the border to Afghanistan and India to blow themselves up in the name of God. I am not sure what God do these people have.

    f**k'n hate them, Hate their leaders as corrupt as dogs. They smell and look like dogs.

    I hope India nukes them.

  6. Guest22568111


    should be changed to


    President - OSAMA BIN LADEN, 

    Prime Minister - MULLA OMAR ( Taliban chief )

    This is the only way Pakistan can grow & become world power

    Instead of USA, China, & rest of the world coming to it, Pakistan will go to these countries & 

    save them, lend them money, send their Talibans to control, etc. 

  7. Guest22363018

    ek din ek kutte ne allah ki gaand mari bichra allah maather chod, randi ki aulad ,tatti khane wala aisa sharmya ki gadhe ki gand me jaake chhup gaya, wo din hai aur aaj ka din hai, aaj tak allah gandu ko kisine nahi dekha,
    tumne dekha kya allah (gandu) ko?

  8. Guest22357890

    PAKISTAN = TERRORIST NATION, I CAN NOT WAIT FOR IT TO BE NUKED BY INIDA. THEN 150 million MUSLIM SCUMS will be wiped out for good, and the world will love HAPPILY EVER AFTER


  9. Guest20521631
    hahah its so pathetic to see some indian stinky hindu writing a blog saying things like that.... lol........ Muslims are proud of PAKISTAN....and hindus wt their pants seeing us... I dont care if you guys hate muslims or not...just do one thing...please please clean yourself properly smell like kaka in other words s**t :)
  10. Guest18758142
    Because of our ruler class who do;nt manage them as a Muslim, hence facing hate for pakistan. slave are always be hated.
  11. Guest17513549
    Being a Pakistani, i thanks to those who favor Islamic Land. Dear, Pakistan is not just a piece of land, Pakistan is a name of an Islamic ideology & unfortunately, There is no Muslim country on earth which based on Islam, Muslim countries based on cast, language etc. but Pakistanis has one & only identity of Islam. There is a big diffidence between Pakistani Govt. (American Slave) & Pakistani people (True Muslims) & this is a starting point of our problems like poverty & terrorism but one day, we believe, Pakistan will get its place & become world super power. (Inshahallah)
  12. Guest8393
    What the h**l r u talking about.some people may dislike Pakistani but it doesn;t mean that all the Muslims hate the have just been mistaken.just pls dont talk like these things if u dont know.No hard feelings
  13. Guest3985
    Long live the PEOPLE of PAKISTAN!!!!!!

    How can we hate our brothers and sisters in Pakistan.
  14. Guest9540
    Waqas, come on. No Muslim hates Pakistan. I have seen six Muslim countries and I was received well everywhere. A syrian told me that Pakistanis are better Muslims and I wished we were. An Egyptian become so friendly in the first meeting that he looked more dear to me than my own brothers. I have seen immense love forPakistann and Pakistanis.

    Once I went to inquire about flight to Karachi in a Jewish Travel Agency in New York. And the Jewish owner looked at me with such a hate that I left his shop immediately. Similarly an Indian Hindu shopkeeper did not like my entry into his shop in London.

    When I read Quran, I found that Allah SWT has already informed us that people who hate you most are Jews and idolaterss. Look how they have made life miserable for Muslims of Palestine, Kashmir and Indian Muslims.

    So thank God for being a Pakistani. Both Arab and non Arab Muslims are proud of Pakistan's atomic power and gallantry of its armed forces.

    Muhmmad Javed Iqbal
  15. Guest3339
    Don't listen to them brother, no one hates Pakistan!

    Pakistan is another muslim country for us, may Allaah safeguard it and give Pakistan the stability it so deserves.
  16. Guest8998
    Pakistanis, I have seen and met are more fans of Indian film actors and Indian songs, the country men who hate them more than any.

    I advise Pakistanis to be fan of Islam.So that muslims love them.
  17. Guest4550
    nobody hates pakistan

    maybe we dislike how some persons act with us , if they are from the same place as we , then we use they names to say we dont like them , if they are from other country or religion or complexion ............ any different line , we will use that to talk about them

    maybe somebody says i hate pakistan , but he wanted says i dont like how this pakistani woman acted with me !
  18. Guest7575
    i live in Egypt and i can assure you no one hates Pakistani people here.. we're all muslims... BUT we hate the pakistani government and it's politics.. when will it stop being a tool in the hands of America..

    sorry brother.. i don't mean to offend you, but if it makes you feel any better, we feel the same towards many arab governments including my country's government. but it's more obvious when it comes to Pakistan as it's in the middle of a warring area and every day in the news we hear how pakistan is doing exactly what america tells you to do.

    may Allah help us all to change what we've become..

    a brother of yours..
  19. Guest7616
    would you mind telling me who said this.

    and seriously, at least you dont have the whole world hating you.
  20. Guest252
    There is an eternal law which syas

    Love begets love

    Hate begets hate

    Pakistan is famous for thousands of Madrassas where hate is taught.

    It is also a well known fact that Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia and other oil rich Arab countries are treated like dirt. The wonder is they still suck up to them and wish in their hearts they were Arabs!
  21. Guest3780
    Land belongs to allah wat is there to hate. I think it's some Pakistanies who r not liked just like anyother Artab, English .... e.t.c but that is coz their own attitude & nature not coz of their country.
  22. Guest282
    thats not true,,
  23. Guest7958
    i am an indian Muslim i dont hate pakistan though i dislike it. and why i dislike it is cuz the p**i boys are the WORST. here in SA. worse than the saudi gundes. they are so pathetic. they dont leave a single girl to herself. thats the reason why i hate pakis.

    any way sina (ranoush....) ahmediyaa are our bros. they might be kuffaar but they are still the children of Aadam and so they are oour bros.
  24. Guest4182
    True Muslims hate evil.

    I am a kind of Pakistani but i never call myself Pakistani. I always introduce myself as Kashmiri (I was born in Kashmir and my family is from kashmir). It is difficult to connect to others who call themselves pakistanis. I never fitted in that group.

    The reason why i do this (dislike pakistan and never call myself pakistani) is because i do not like what is going in Pakistan. I dislike things in pakistan because government is corrupt, poverty ( yesterday a boy had to steal flour because his family didn't have it for 3 weeks and a mother was selling her children so they could get Food), people do not have access to clean water, shelter, education, violence, messed up economy, lack of electricity, and so on.

    I went to pakistan four years and i was scared to death. it seemes as if the people were going to rape me and cut me into millions of little pieces. The men are scary and they stare. i did not see anything islamic as the nation claims.
  25. Guest3127
    How it an Insult ? If it really hurts you , pardon me !

    I don't hate Pakistan , but there are many things i dislike about Pakistan.
  26. Guest6783
    I don't hate Pakistan.
  27. Guest6313
    Pakistan is not a Muslim country cuz in this country people and goverenment dont obey Allah and Follow Prophet Mohammad pbuh.

    Thats why the ummah of Prophet Mohammad pbuh rejected to accept Pakistan as a country and Pakistan as a Muslim country.
  28. Guest3535
    i am Pakistani i never read any thing against Pakistan in all yahoo community .

    but i read comments against Islam and Muslim . and i cant explain that the mail i receive yesterday from hindu s hi t

    osama bin ladin suxs all his jihadi suxs i am sorry if i hurt some one but its true

    this name spoil Pakistan

  29. Guest1067
    salam brother ... i am muslim and i don't hate my brothers and sisters -alhamdulillah
  30. Guest1888
    lol, Waqas, no one hates Pakistan, i like pakistan!!

    but i actually don't like the politics!!

    and i think the guy was joking saying Osama is the next president!!
  31. Guest9543
    That's your wrong thought. But no Muslim will love everything of Pakistan. We love it's good men like you.
  32. Guest4544
    There is something called nationalism and racism,

    those who hate a Muslim country are infected by them..........



    Wasn't Osama Bin Laden a Saudi??

    And can anyone tell me which Madarasa teach to hate??

    I have been in millions,


    When Western Media Says"Islam Is Terrorism"

    All Muslims say it is propaganda,

    but when the same sources say that Madarsas Teach to hate

    they say

    "They Are Right"

    Madarsas teach Quran And Hadith,

    So now you are telling me that Quran And Hadith teach to hate others??

    May Allah Guide You
  33. Guest4182
    because some Pakis call Ahmadiya Kuffar "Brothers" and clap for Iran's big pig

  34. Guest6922
    I don't think that all Muslims hate Pakistan, I'm a Muslim (European) and my hubby is Pakistani. I love Pakistan and Pakistani people people should be proud of Pakistan because it was one of the nations created in the name of ALLAH.

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