What is student debt loan story of UK?

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The biggest debt loan of story of UK is important issue, what were its causes.

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    She said the monthly repayments are manageable and that going to university is an investment. Under the new system, which starts in September 2012 any unpaid debt will be written off after 30 years

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    All but one of the students went to London institutions, where loans for living costs are higher, and were on courses that lasted a minimum of five years, like medicine and law. Students in UK borrow almost 5000 pound to cover their tuition fee while undergraduates can receive up to 7000$,but the maximum tuition fee can go up to 9000 pounds, Under the proposed new system, you will pay 9% on all your earnings over £21,000, instead of the current threshold of £15,000. Students should not be put off by the headlines, according to Lynne Condell, who chairs the National Association of Student Money Advisers.

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