What is sandra bullock's aunt luddy white trash recipe

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Just curious

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    Recipe w/ chex above is wrong! Guest 16769809 has obviously never tasted it. Where's the peanut butter, Golden grahams,and powdered sugar?

  2. Guest16769809
    WHITE TRASH 4 c. Corn Chex 4 c. Rice Chex 4 c. pretzels 2 c. cocktail peanuts Almond bark vanilla Melt almond bark. Put Corn and Rice Chex, peanuts and pretzels in large pan and mix well. Pour almond bark and stir well. Pour on foil and let dry.
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  4. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Home Sandra Bullock Earns Her Plug With 'White Trash' On Jay Leno Sunday, November 15th, 2009 @ 8:00am Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock has embarked on a new career as a confectioner - she's packaging a family recipe into a line of sweet treats. The Miss Congeniality star introduced her mouth-watering candies during an appearance on The Jay Leno Show on Wednesday night (11/11), surprising 400 audience members with samples of her chocolate concoction, Aunt Luddy's White Trash. Bullock drove the big batch from Austin, Texas to California especially for the talk show - in tribute to her late great aunt, who formulated the sticky treat. She explains, "She (my aunt) cooked and took care of everyone and made this thing called White Trash... She was one of the most amazing women and givers of love. So we travelled it across state lines... We literally had to shut the bakery down for three days to make the White Trash."

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