What is Aunt Luddy's White Trash

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It is a food of some sort made in the south

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  1. Guest22680075

     Better than A. Luddy's ( believe me, I have had them both)

    Swans Sweet Treats in Burnsville, Mississippi makes the best White Trash ever!!!!    877-927-4775 toll free

    Only $5.99/ 1pound bag             DELICIOUSLY ADDICTIVE!

  2. Guest13911100
    I believe Puppy Chow and White Trash are 2 different confections. White trash is made with white chocolate drizzled over cereal, m-n-m's, pretzels etc and Puppy chow is Chex cereal that is chocolate coated and dusted with powdered sugar.
  3. Guest13823380
    recipe please,,,,
  4. Guest13706365
    we make a mix called White Death with white chocolate, pretzles, peanuts, rice crispies, cap'n crunch, etc sweet and salty... its awesome, if anyone wants the recipe i'll dig it out for you
  5. Guest13704850
    My wife makes it also but her recipe is called "dog chow"
  6. Guest13696400
    I'm not sure but I think it is the same as the Chex Puppy Chow which has the chex cereal coated with a mixture of chocolate and peanut butter and then finishd with a coating of powdered sugar... it sounds weird i know but let me tell ya it is out of this world
  7. Guest13696020
    what the h**l is it made of? just chex mix and powdered sugar? yuk
  8. Guest13695821
    well, it is quite simple, it is/.... ummm. it is.... well the simple answer is that... um... i guess that if i had to put it in words it would be... let me think about this one..... well, i personally have not had the pleasure of trying one of these delectable desserts! but im sure that it is a treat from the heavens above and that it will satisfy all of your "needs" oo ya baby, all of them. u herd me
  9. Guest13264388
    also known as puppy mix. made with chex cereal and powedered sugar
  10. Guest13130604
    It's really really GOOD!!!!! I was a lucky audience member who got to try it.
  11. Guest13109687
    Have not tried it yet. I'm diabetic. But, what are the ingredients? I have heard it can be bought at her restaurant in austin called waltons on west 6th street.
  12. Guest13045463
    You can purchase Aunt Luddy's White Trash at Walton's Bakery. The toll free number is 1-888-925-8667.
  13. Guest13031726
    Sandra Bullock's new confection, made in Austin, TX, and show cased on the Jay Leno show on 11/11/2009.
  14. Guest13015907
    Where can you buy Aunt Luddy's White Trash
  15. Guest12994925
    Aunt Luddy's White Trash is a sweet snack "mix" manufactured in Austin, Texas by actress Sandra Bullock. It is named for her Aunt Luddy who created the concoction. Bullock promoed this on the 11-11-09 episode of The Jay Leno Show.

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