What are the symptoms of Multiple Myeloma?

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Can you tell me about some of the tests available for Multiple Myeloma, what are the complications of this disease, can you tell me about symptoms of Multiple Myeloma?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Multiple Myeloma is a cancer plasma cells which are in bone marrow.
    There are some symptoms of Multiple Myeloma which are:
    Bleeding Problems
    Bone or Back Pain can occur
    This disease also increases the Susceptibility to the infection
    Symptoms of Anemia
    Unexplained fractures can also occur
    Plasma cells normally help the immune system of the body to fight diseases by producing substances which are named as antibodies. In the multiple myeloma, the plasma cells in large number and also grow out of control to form tumors in the bone marrow. The excess growth of the plasma cells interferes with the ability of the body to make red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. These results in anemia, that makes a person more likely to get the infections and also the abnormal bleeding. As the cancers cell grow in number in the bone they cause pain and also destroys the structure of the bone. If the bones are affected in the spinal cord, it will put pressure on to the nerves, thus it will result in numbness and paralysis.
    Multiple Myeloma affects older adults. There is a history of events which tells us that radiations or radiation therapy increases the risk of this type of cancer.
    Bone X-rays show fractures or hollowed out areas of bone. Similarly blood tests are performed that indicate the level of calcium and protein. Complete Blood Count also reveals low numbers of red and white blood cells.

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