What are specific flag days when flag is shown?

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Apart from birthdays of Royal family and special occasions, are there any other days when flag is raised.

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  1. Xpert

    Apart from special days there are some specific days at which flags are raised and these days are as follows. Saint David’s Day is celebrated on 1 March in Wales. Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated  on 17th March in Northern Island. Saint George’s Day in celebrated on 23rd April in England. Saint Andrew’s Day is celebrated in 30th November in Scotland

  2. ZZ

     Other then the birthdays or other related things to royal families the flag days are as under:

    Second Sunday in March: Commonwealth Day
    9 May: Europe Day
    Second Sunday in November: Remembrance Sunday
    Wales – 1 March: Saint David's Day
    Northern Ireland – 17 March: Saint Patrick's Day
    England – 23 April: Saint George's Day
    Scotland – 30 November: Saint Andrew's Day
    Greater London: The day of the opening or proroguing of Parliament

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