Movie about marriage of daughters of dad.

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Years back I saw a movie where a fathers three daughters were married at the same time. My thinking was that the father was played by Jimmy Stewart, but after searching, I dont think that is right. What I remember is that the wedding was outside, and they had a band play the wedding song three times in a row as each of the girls walked out. With the first girl, the band played the typical wedding song. With the second girl the song was a little jazzier, and with the third girl the wedding song was like a rock version. The wedding was also at the end on the movie, and I cant remember much else. My goal is to buy the movie and try to strip out the sound track for my wedding .

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There was a made for TV movie that starred Robert Young. I think the first movie was his three daughters getting married 9he was a widower), and the second was his wedding. At first the girls didn't like their mother being replaced, but they got to know the lady and ended up approving. I remember the second one better than the first.

    It was \"All My Darling Daughters\" It was in 1972.

    He was a widower, his daughters were going to get married on the same day, and it ended up with he and his lady being married that day too, so it was a quadruple wedding. Judge Charles Raleig is a widower that has four daughters. Due to some reasons they end up arranging their wedding at the same day. The grooms belonged to different religions such as Jewish, Presbyterian, Zen Buddhist and Atheist. The organizer of the wedding was Miss Freeling which had a hard time because when the wedding of one daughter is decided , the other daughter decides to get married on the same day.

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