Good Brand tyre for Nissan Sentra.

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I have a Nissan Sentra GXE. I recently replaced my tires with Dunlop in Walmart. The spec are, as far as I remember, 40,000miles, Temp B, Traction A, Speed S. However, my brother told me the tires suck and I should have picked Michelin. He insisted that Michelin tires are safe and mine are not. Is he right? Should I always buy Michelin?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Michelin is one of the largest tyre manufacturer which is based in Clement in France. Apart from Michelin brand , in some countries it is also known as BFGoodrich, Riken and Uniroyal in North America. There are many varieties in the Michelin Brand and they are listed below. One of the most famous tyre of Michelin is Hydro Edge. It offers a 90,000 mile warranty. Another good tyre by Michelin is Energy LX4. This type of tyre is best fit for the cars like Lincoln Town car and Honda Odyssey. It offers excellent fuel economy and a quiet and comfortable ride. Another good tyre by Michelin is Harmony which is very long lasting and provides a value of 80,000 mile or for one year. XRadial is another very good tyre which also offers 80,000 mile warranty and is very quiet and comfortable.
    Although there are other brands also that you can look for. My recommendation however to you will be Dunlop. There are different Leman series and SP series in which there is a lot of variety in which you can check what suites your car best.

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