How countries are evaluated in the map?

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I want to know about the geographical location of United Kingdom and some other countries, how they are categorized as on the higher half or in the lower half.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    If we look at a detailed map of earth, we can see that countries are categorized on the lower half and on the upper half . There is a categorization which is made by the division of the equator. Equator is a line which is drawn at the middle and from that the countries are measured and their distance is measured. The countries which are close to the equator are normally warm areas and the weather of countries which are away from equator will be cold. We can see the example of Russia, some parts of the Russia which are close to the equator are warm while some parts which are away and far from the equator are very cold.
    Similarly countries are also categorized as upper or on the first or higher half with respect to the equator while countries which are located in the lower or bottom half are on the other side, we can see that if we draw equator on the map, Australia lies in the lower half of the map while Russia and some parts of the continent America lie in the upper half of equator. There are some countries which lie on the equator and as a result their temperature is warm . United Kingdom is also located little far from the equator as a result it is cold.

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