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I was wondering is it possible to track a person who is listening to radio, can we catch his radio waves and tell about its location.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Radio does omit certain waves and these radiation are subject to change and get effected by other signals, noise interruptions and their frequency can be disturbed by the temperature and changes in the atmosphere, but so far is not possible to track a person through these radiations or through radio waves. There is no such device as far as I know to check about the location of the person who is listening to radio. There are other tracking devices which are used in many vehicles other object by which we can check the location of a person or that object.
    For developing a tracking system there are number of rules and procedures involved . There are different types of tracker involved by which we can check the location of that device attached to certain system. In case of radio the only thing possible is that we can setup or place a small sized tracker somehow in the radio and then if that person with the radio is within the reach of distance of the tracking mark, then by catching the signals from the sensor in the radio we can locate that person. But we have to be sure that the person or the radio is in the distance range of the tracker, if it goes or away from the catching distance then we will not be able to achieve statistics from the device.

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