What happens to water if thrown in space?

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I have an 8 yr old son, who is always curious to know about new things, yesterday he asked me this unique and interesting question and I was unable to provide him with an answer, so I decided to post my question here, I hope to get a best answer to this question? If a bucket full of water is thrown in space, what will become of the water, will it immediately freeze, dissipate, or will it just simply float away?

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  1. Guest23224195

    Everyone is familiar with the concept of comets in space, ever wondered what are they made of. They are made up of frozen water. Temperatures in space are extremely low, and water will immediately transform in to frozen piece and that would be a pretty big frozen splash of water.

  2. Mitchel

    Well, the temperatures are extremely low in the depth of space. If water in the bucket is taken in space it will simply evaporate, and that too immediately, this will happen only if the temperatures are not too cold, but if water is thrown in deep space, temperature will be extremely low, which will transform the water in to small frozen chunks. Comets that are seen floating in the space are composed of frozen water. So, small amount of water in space will evaporate, while the rest of the water will be found in frozen form. Frozen water will be in large chunks, and will be seen floating like the comets.

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