Songs in the British band Rockberry album

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Duffy is a famous British singer , I want to know how many songs in the album are, are they popular.

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    UK’s best selling album in the year 2007 was Back to Black. The album was from the artist Amy Winehouse. It was released on 4th October 2006.The best thing about this album is that it incorporates 1960’s soul music, plus it also has some of the touch of Modern R&B, whose lyrics reflect Amy Wine house’s experiences in life. Back to Black received positive reviews from most music critics, earning praise for its classicist soul influences.

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    Rockferry album by Duffy has already won awards in Britain, There are six songs which are included in the album. The first song of the album became less popular but after the first song the second song Mercy became very popular and was an international hit as well. It remained on top of the twelve different music charts. Its another song Warwick Avenue was another successful hit.
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    Scissor Sisters is the best selling album of the band Scissor Sisters. It was first released in 2004. It was released in the United Kingdom by Polydor. It has reached number 1 on the Uk and Irish album charts and it was the best selling album in the year 2005.The album sold 3,300,000 copies worldwide and is highly recommended by the editor Robert Dimery. He has also mentioned about this album in the book Albums you must hear before you die.

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