Run-Flat tyres on my car.

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When it s time to replace the other four, what do you think about getting run-flats and skipping the spare entirely? I heard some time back that run-flats are costly to buy and repair, not available in many sizes, and problematical in other areas, but have things changed? Is it better to convert to Run Flat Tyres or should I continue using the same ones.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    For a RunFlat tire you need a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) because you can't tell by feel when a RunFlat tire is flat. Personally I like the idea, especially the part about being able to maintain control even though the tire is flat.

    However, they are expensive and they also don't take to repairs well (repairing any tire that has been flat is somewhat of a risk and one that was operated when it was flat is even riskier. Plus I think you'll find that Run Flat tires only come in low profiles - due to the need to support the sidewall and shorter sidewall are easier to support.
    In my opinion it is advisable to buy a run flat because it will certainly help you in the long run and you can go on miles without getting worried about your tyres, they will deliver optimum performance even they are flat. Once you will have to make a little investment but later you might not need a spare because they don’t get puncture very easily and even if they do you can still go in miles with them.

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