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Hi Laurie.... wow what a disappointment to find that the Jan. 19th concert in ATL was cancelled... we had driven 4 hours and were staying at the Omni only to find out it had been cancelled when we arrived. We finally got an answer as to why, being the weather issues in ATL... SNOW !!! SO it is supposed to be reshceduled, and I am thinking it will be done before he returns to Vegas for his regular show there... your thoughts or perhaps you have the inside scoop ??? THANKS   : )

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  1. Mitchel

    Barry Manilow shows in Atlanta (1/19) and Raleigh (1/20) were canceled due to bad weather. The shows were later on re-scheduled. Raleigh, NC show took place on March 27. While Atlanta, GA, Barry Manilow show took place on March 29.

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