Is Oxygen necessary in making fire?

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I have heard that oxygen is necessary in making fire, is there any oxygen in the stars and in the sun, in other words what are the gases on the sun , is oxygen a part of that?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Fire is defined as oxidation of material which is in process of combustion, or releasing heat, light and other various reaction products. Now as we are taking about oxidation then fire is the cause of rapid oxidation which means that slower oxidation processes like rusting or digestion are not included in the list. The flame of the fire is the visible portion to the naked eye which consists of hot gases. The sun is the star which is located at the center of the solar system. It consists of hot plasma with magnetic fields. It has a diameter of 1,392,000 km and is almost 109 times the earth. The most part of the sun consists of hydrogen while the rest is helium. Less than 2% consists of heavier elements which include oxygen, carbon, neon, iron and others.
    In detail we can see that sun consists of hydrogen which is a major part and is present in 73.46%. Helium is present in 24.85%, Oxygen is present in 0.77 %. Carbon is present in 0.29 %. Iron is 0.16%. Neon consists of 0.12%, Nitrogen consists of 0.09%, Nitrogen in 0.09 %, Silicon in 0.07%, Magnesium in 0.05%, Sulfur in 0.04%.
    A star is a massive ball of plasma and it moves in the solar system by the gravity. There are many stars in the Universe and Sun is also known as the star which is nearest to the earth. Stars are formed of many gases in which oxygen has its part.

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