Comedy characters of Our Gang

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I like to know about the comedy characters of Our Gang, where can I buy their T-shirts. Is there any link on the internet where I can find them, can you tell about it?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The comedy characters of Our Gang are:
    Alfalfa, who played the role of Carl Switzer . He was a street clown on the set. Switzer even continued to act even after the gang split up. He did some roles in memorable films. One of such movie was “It’s a wonderful Life” and John Waynes “The High and Mighty”.
    Brisbane played the role of Kendal McComas which was also known as Breezy Brisbane. He later became an electrical engineer at the United States Naval Weapons Center in China Lake. Like other children he was small as compared to his age.
    Bouncy was also known as Harold Wertz and a secondary character in Hook and Ladder. Buckwheat played the role of William Thomas. Thomas had a long run in the series. He got some roles in the movie in the beginning but was dropped later. He died of heart attack at the age of 49 in 1980.
    Butch played the role of Tommy Bond. His role in the “Our Gang” comedy was as he was another member of the gang. He was later casted for another role and the name of that character was the bully “Butch”.
    Chubby played the role of Norman Chaney, As he grew into his teens, he became overweight and he weight crossed 300 pounds. In the years 1935, he had an operation for a granular ailment and his weight dropped to 136 pounds.
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