Mount Rinjani in Lombok Island Indonesia

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One of my very close friends is very fond of Lombok Island Indonesia; he needs to know about Mount Rinjani in Lombok Island Indonesia

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    Lombok also has the third largest volcano in all of Indonesia, Mount Rinjani, which extends 3726 meters (12,224 ft) high making it the third-highest in Indonesia. The most recent eruption of Rinjani was in June-July, 1994. The volcano, and its sacred crater lake, 'Segara Anak' (child of the sea), are protected by a National Park established in 1997. Mount Rinjani in Lombok Indonesia is an active volcano situated on Lombok Island. Mount Rinjani, Lombok is Indonesia's second highest volcanic peak. Mount Rinjani is a part of the famous Ring of Fire. It soars to a height of 3,726 meters. The volcano erupted for the first time in 1847. The volcano houses a mystifying crater lake. Presently, the lake and the volcano belong to a national park which was set up in 1997. The volcanic crater is oval shaped and is 6 kilometers long and 8.5 kilometers wide. The crater is partly covered by a lake called the Segara Anak. The 1994, 1995 and 1996 eruptions have led to the formation of a small cone in the heart of the crater. During these eruptions the lava from the volcano flowed towards the lake. The surrounding highlands are canopied with lush green forests while the lowlands consist of cultivated rice, cotton, tobacco, coffee fields. Mount Rinjani, Lombok Indonesia and the Crater Lake are revered as holy places. It is visited by many pilgrims every year. They make their offerings in the lake waters and take a dip in the hot springs. The spring water comprises mineral salts which help to heal chronic diseases.

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