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I am sorry in advance if my question drives you mad. Actually, I asked the question for a vaguely strange reason. A friend of mine is directing a music video for a fairly new British band and is going to shoot a collage using the band in dodgems. As he was telling me the idea I had a memory of having seen this idea before. I racked my brains and finally remembered seeing the Monkees use this idea. I can picture Peter Tork particularly. I only have a visual image and no memory of a song. Of course, this could be an entirely false memory. If you are not able to come up with something do not worry. It was only an interesting point for discussion. This should have been an easy question and I have never had a question I could not answer so this one has me stumped. I am sure I remember the bit my friends talk about but cannot remember the song. I have spent days fast forwarding through all 54 episodes TWICE and was not able to find it so now it has become a mission. Can you tell me anymore about the episode it was in and what was it about or any of the words to the song? I will not rest until I figure this one out as it is driving me crazy.

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  1. Harry

    There has been a search through all the episodes but nothing could be found any such piece. In the "romps" they are shown on many different vehicles from unicycles to motorcycles to horses to skateboards but no bumper cars could be seen.

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