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The capital territory of Indonesia, Jakarta is the center of economic, cultural and political activities. It one of the major business hubs around the world having elite residential areas, nightlife entertainment centers, malls, shopping centers and much more. The history of Jakarta is quite rich with a pre-colonial era, colonial era and independence era. Climate conditions are hot humid and dry, which is favorable for all sort of activities. Rivers and low topography and high tides in the coastal region of Jakarta make it viable to floods. The city however, is well-equipped with infrastructure and all other facilities.

Jakarta is considered as a very popular tourist destination due to the shopping, entertainment, transportation, residential and sports facilities provided in this city. Various historical places and traditional shopping malls are also an object of interest for the tourists. Questions and answers on Jakarta are thus responded by those who have a strong knowledge-base and are dedicated to facilitate users from inside and outside Jakarta in their queries. Finding an answer in this respect is easy with this section, as you can post a quick question and get it answered by an expert. The expert response is usually a quick answer which precisely addresses the query.

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