Is Steve Martin promotes Bluegrass during Torrington Concert?

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I read about the Steve Martin performs a music concert June 30 at the Warner Theatre in Torrington in which his performance was awesome. I read that he was promoting the Bluegrass during the concert, is that true. Kindly provide answer for my question.

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    During the concert the Warner Theatre in Torrington everything that came out of Steve mouth was funny and farcical, but the reality in Steve Martin's claim that he has been announced "Hollywood's ambassador of bluegrass" was clear to glimpse at the Warner Theatre in Torrington. Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers drew passionate commitment from the traded out house as the melodies and wit coalesced into a tremendously amusing evening. As did most everything in the display, the night begun with Martin jesting, deploring with his trademark faux snide playfulness those posters in village affirming him to have "sold out" were an insult. He booted off the melodies on his five-string banjo to launch the brisk, airy chug of "Pitkin County Turnaround." The five piece Steep Canyon Rangers from North Carolina supplied vigorous business in Martin's compositions, bending in flourishes of mandolin, fiddle and Graham Sharp's second banjo that complemented Martin's playing. Martin commented on t the moderately hot greeting his two bluegrass albums have obtained, noting that it was no nearer to the struck route than might be a Jerry Seinfeld bassoon record, but that deals short the apply of Martin's pieces of music, which variety from witty to nostalgia-inducing. In the last cited class was the cooling percolation of "Daddy Played the Banjo," adorned by acoustic guitarist Woody Platt's easygoing vocal lead. Martin's most latest CD was made by Tony Trischka, who emerged succinctly as a third banjo for the instrumental "The Crow," and assisted stoke alert interplay in which Martin conveyed his heaviness as well as anyone.

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