How students can make money while still in school

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How students can make money while still in school? i have posted another question which is on the same topic but after posting it, i thought it might not be the right heading.

Making money while still in school is a topic really close to my heart and i would like to fully research it before jumping in. I'm sure i'm not the only one who wants to have some extra cash to spend towards my well needed needs and be able to afford the finer things of school life, for example pizza when i want to, the latest video game, maybe take the hot member of the opposite gender to a movie or bowling.

As you can see my reasons to make money are valid and legit and need to make sure i succeed is everlasting.

Any help from others who have made money as a student or those who know how to without charging me can go a long way.

Please tell me how i can make money and be the richest kid on the block?

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