Largest tire size of a 2003 gmc sierra.

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I drive a 2003 GMC sierra extended cab completely stock GMC pickup and need tires for it. I am looking to fit the largest tire size in it without hurting the fenders. The stock rim size is 16 and wants to put a tire on it. I am looking for the help by experts here. I have asked some friends for the suggestion but they did not satisfy me at all. Can someone tell me some serious suggestion over this? I would be really great full for this favor.

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  1. ZZ

    Well the 2003 GMC sierra has not got much of space inside the fenders and the max you can move up with the stock fittings is not for than 3 number up the list.
    But if you want some thing bigger than that then you need to modify your truck according to your own style you can left up your truck and made the adjustments according to your own choice. By lifting up the truck there will be too much available space for you inside the fender area. After lifting to the max you can fit any size of tyre in there. Best of luck.

  2. Guest23296098

    Pickup trucks come in so many different configurations that it is almost impossible to tell what version you have - let alone get from a book how much room there is in the fender well. So you are in the best position to tell. But as a general rule you have got enough room to go up 2 sizes. However, if your vehicle came with LT tires, then the wheels will only accommodate a maximum of an LT245/75R16's. I have searched on forums for your answer and found P265/75R16 114S tire is ideal for your truck. Also you can put 285 or 295 in it. These are the maximum sizes which you can put in to your vehicle. Hope this would help you.


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