Hopeful Adoptive Parents - Fraternal Twin Babies (boy and girl) Needs A "Family or Home"

by Mary  |  6 years, 10 month(s) ago

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Hi hopeful adoptive parents,
Contact me ASAP if your dreams of completing your family or home are taking too long or aren’t working. A single lady/ parent (age 21yrs) in my neighborhood is considering placing her fraternal twin babies (a boy and a girl) up for adoption.

She doesn’t want any monetary reward; her measure concerns, is to improve the living condition of her babies’. She wants to connect with any virtuous & devoted childless single or couple, be it "g*y, L*****n or a straight couple" that seriously wants to adopt and also is very friendly with kits, determine to shower unconditional love to a child or children and most especially has experience taking very good care of a child or children.

-My name Rev Sister Mary and I’m a nurse
-Her (i.e. the babies mum) name is Mary

Please email me with a phone number and an email address with which she can communicate with you directly?

My e-mail is ""

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