Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn

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Was Gregory Peck ever romantically or physically involved with Audrey Hepburn in his real life?
I have read a Peck obituary where I found this information that they were lovers, and Gregory Peck did seem awfully fond of her. What was the real situation? Tell me please I am a great need of this information.


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  1. John


    Interestingly neither Gregory Peck nor Audrey Hepburn has ever confirmed this in their professional career. It is not more than a rumor that there was anything between them, but I would say that there is evidence that there was something between them. The filming of Roman Holiday came about just as Gregorys first marriage finally ended (it had been terribly rocky for years). Whereas he had issued flat denials to rumors of affairs before, when it came to Audrey, he would neither confirm nor deny Audrey Hepburn, likewise, never flaunted anything at all, but she did make a statement that might be considered more telling: If there was anything going on, it did not last long because most of our time was taken up with work. Somehow, that seemed more indicative to me.

    Really, nobody will ever know for sure that what was the real situation, as both principals went to their deaths without confirming anything. But, in my opinion, yes, they did have a brief dalliance. To be very concise, in fact it was also during the filming of Roman Holiday that Gregory met the woman who would become his wife of nearly fifty years, until his death, Veronique Passani Peck.

    Many thanks for writing!

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