Details about TV show Where The Action Is?

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I was reading a news paper few days ago and there was a news about some Action Kid dancers. I tried to gathered some information about this but did not find any. So i am writing this questions here so that someone can help me in finding the information about the Action Kid dancers here. If you have any information please share it with me. i would be very great full. I think it was about some TV show called Where The Action Is?

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    Guest has shared a good information with all of us.I am delighted to see it.

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    Where the Action Is was music based television variety show in the United States from 1965–67. The ABCnetwork broadcasted the show each weekend. Made by d**k Clark as a spin-off of American Bandstand, Where the Action Is premiered onto June 27, 1965. The show's theme tune, "Action", became a beaten single for Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon, peaking onto the charts (#13) within September 1965. Most of the telecasts, everybody of which was caused within black-and-white, were taped at various locales in Southern California. The theme tune was composed via Steve Venet and Tommy Boyce whom would afterwards compose singles for The Monkees.
    The program had its own stable of performers, most notably Paul Revere & the Raiders, whom served as the de facto house band. When the category vanished the appear within 1966, they were replaced by The Robbs. Other frequent performers on Action included the dance troupe Pete Manifee and the Action Kids. Individual incidents featured a thick range of guest performers, as detailed below.

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