Does anyone know much about Continental Academy H.S. Diploma online?

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Does anyone know much about Continental Academy H.S. Diploma online? i'm not proud of my academic achievements but its time i face the reality and get myself a better education. i'm little too old to sit in a class and want to get the diploma in private. i heard about number of online schools including Continental Academy but what i would like to find out is:
are they legal
is the diploma recognized by the colleges
Also any other information to help me make up my mind would be a big help.

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  1. Guest28055491

     ok so theres alot of stuff being said, so i got a question i got mine from them in 98 was it fully acrediated or not. I ask this cause i did join the arm forces and they verfied it was but now im trying to get into collage and there not accepting it can any one answer this?



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  6. Guest22934951

    IT WAS GOOD FOR COLLEGES IN 2009 AND BEFORE BUT NOW IN 2010 THE SCHOOL WAS NO LONGER ACCREDITED FOR SOUTHERN SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES *ONLY FOR A JOB/S./////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////       Update: I have my GED yey! ,  after being fooled by continental academy AGENCY , and now I'm enrolled in college, my major is Surgical Technology , I have perfect attendance and I am a straight A student, I am very dedicated in my career and finally proud of the results(= ///////////////////////////////// I RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO GO TO THEIR LOCAL GED/ADULTSCHOOLS & GET THEIR ~GED~ You can it , if I did it so can you never give up , and please don't let CONTINENTAL ACADEfakeeeee!!!! RIP-YOU_OFF, I wish you all the best , s***w CONS.ADCFAKE , get your GED and move on. (:


  7. Guest22805525

    I graduated from contienental back in 2004 , my two brothers and all my friends including one of my exs did the program we have had no problems each and every one of us has a good paying job and it was a easy way to get it done, i hated sitting in a classroom for hours trying to pass tests over and over for a GED so it was so much easier to be in a less stressful atmosphere and do it at your own pace....

  8. Guest22716008

     i received their name from a college itself, so yes it is recognized and Penn Foster is the only other one the college had on their list that they accepted online...

  9. Guest22671950

     I graduated from their two week course back in 04 and was accepted to Art Institutes. Just follow what they tell you to do when you go to college and you should have no trouble on the diploma end of things. 

  10. Guest22581099

    I recieved my high school diploma through Continental in 08 but now they have different ways you can get your diploma. It is liget. I'm in coleege right now and they excepted my diploma from them

  11. Guest22443243

    To be accepted by a four year college or university, a high school diploma by itself it not enough. You have to meet the college's additional entrance requirements such as having a high test score on the SAT or ACT exam, two years of foreign languanges such as German or Spanish, two years of advanced math such as trigonometry and calculus, and two years of advanced science such as Physics and Chemistry. Continental Academy does not offer these advanced courses. I graduated this year from Continental Academy and I'm taking couses at my local community college where the books are the same as the university however the tuition fees are much lower AND when I graduate from my local community college I can transfer those credits to any university in the nation. In my opinion, Continental Academy has a good online program for homeschooling students.

  12. Guest22432442

    hey there...i got my diploma from them in was different when i did computers,no books,no test thats all....i past it received my diploma and attended westwood college with that diploma...westwood college is a private school so if worked for them then im pretty sure it will for whatever college of your choice.

  13. Guest22370232

    I got my highschool diploma from them, and I recently found out after apply for college and being rejected that it is not accredited by the board of education. I don't recommend it! Since I was turned down at my college, I did some research about this school, they are accredited by certain places, but not the one that counts .. and I'm not the only one thats been turned down, because of this diploma. Good luck!

  14. Guest22363330

     Yes i went through this program in 2003 its a very good program and they give u help if u need it 

  15. Guest22363330

     Yes i went through this program in 2003 its a very good program and they give u help if u need it 

  16. Guest22363330

     Yes i went through this program in 2003 its a very good program and they give u help if u need it 

  17. Guest22357802

     I receive my diploma from Continental Academy School ,the printed documemted came throuhg the mail{ book form] the pay is reasonable 40.00 to mail in with the form,you receive the book with multiple choice questions, you can call in to receive your grade but will not receive your diploma until you mail the rest of the money which was 400.00 then  you will pay a little more now ,you can receive your work on cd, some colleges accept ,some dont. i suggest you call & ask  different colleges do they accept continental acdaemy diploma.


  18. Guest22329126

    i graduated there years ago and was able to get in the military with it so its not a scam and was also able to get in any 4 year state university

  19. Guest22271546

    Their only 2 accreditations are fake, look them up. One of them (N.A.L.S.A.S) has their phone number listed as some guys home phone and their email is The other one's site is poorly coded and both are not accepted at good colleges, if you're looking to go to community college it will work, but, if you're trying to go to a 4 year college then you're pretty much fucked.

  20. Guest22136721

    Yeah. They have an awesome program. You can study at home and at your own pace. I would recommend their online OUTREACH program if you are college bound. Also, I would recommend that you take the SAT and/or ACT exam (majority of colleges require a high score in order to be accepted - only 38% of college applicants were accepted by the college this year that I'm going to and I was accepted based on the fact that I met their admissions requirements for homeschoolers and had a high SAT score). College entrance is very competitive. If you are unable to have a high score on the SAT, I would recommend attending your local community college. Good luck!

  21. Guest22123565

    i Graduated from there about two years ago and my college reconizes their high school diploma :) its lagit

  22. Guest22112110

    I know allot of complaints out there regarding higher education admissions. Please keep in mind that Graduates of Continental Academy can only get admitted to Private Institutions of higher education.

    You can not qualify for financial aid because Continental Academy is not accredited by USDOE or CHEA recognized agency.

    This is a fact most student's don't know: Financial Aid is awarded to males upon registering to join U.S. Military (related) organization such as the army. If you don't want to join the army then dont use Financial Aid. Finanical Aid is only a way for the goverment to gain soldiers (that is how and why they pay for your education either fully or partially). Financial Aid is only available to student's who attends educational institution or program that is accreited by a recognized agency such as USDOE or CHEA (Council Of Higher Education Accredation).

    Admissions to higher education is completly based on your academic success and college/university/programs requirments. It is adviced to attend a Private University because they have very few requirments and do offer excelence education. Your chances for admisions into the university/colleges/programs is determined by YOU and YOUR SELF ONLY... yes High School Diploma is also considered but only for determining that you meet the requirments for admissions.

    I would love to guide anyone interested in seeking advice from me. However, here is a tip you can use:

    1. Take the ACT exam as soon as possible and get high marks.... extremly high as possible that you can get. Prepare for it rigoursly. And then seek the institution admissions requirments and try to meet them. If you need letter of recomendation then don't hesitate to contact continental academy for this recomendation by signing into your academic account. It is adviced by me that you also get recomendation from people that you know in person and whom can recomend and say positive things about you. If you do this then m sure you will find luck in Undergrad program.

    2nd option i would recomend is that gain admissions to an online college complete 24 credits and seek to transfer out this way you wont be judged by high school diploma but by bachelor program. THE VERY FIRST THING YOU SHOULD DO FOR THIS: is contact your school of interest as to what are the requirments of graduation if you qualify for it. If you see that you can transfer out easily then enroll in the cheapest accredited online college/university you can find earn the credits and then transfer out.


    My goal is to become a Marriage and Family Therapist in NEW YORK. Requirments for that is a Masters degree. So I am currently enrolled in World College which is accreditied by Distance Education and Traning Council. The program is self paced and costs around $2000, take many courses as you want. You have the option to either take 1 year - 8 years in completing the bachelor. If you can complete courses fast... then its recomended. I enrolled with them some where around October and today is november 30, but I will be doen with my first course by december 5th. So yes am happy with my path because I know what my goal is.

    How I know all this? Well am highly self motivated and I come from a traditional well cultured family, therefore I have my own educational problems such as parents wouldn't allow me to be independent. That's why i had to attend Continental Academy so I can make my own future. Yes Am still with my parents because I respect them and will always stay with them and support them. Don't be to hasty in making a decision. I got my diploma and it looked nice but it is accredited but not with USDOE or CHEA recognized agency. There are ups and downs in every thing. Even after college and transfering from one college to another is also a problem because majority of colleges/universities are about money making. If you transfer courses then who will pay them? If no one pay them then how will people be hired? Then there wont be a university if there is no money flying around.

    Think about what your goal is and what you want to do. Then e-mail me for assistance or advice.

    Before taking any actions consider hearing my advice! My name is Ahsan.

  23. Guest21894861

    I recieved my diploma in june 2010 i had been enrolled sence april 09.

    and when i started the school was accredited through sacs. i been trying to enroll for

    college and i tried exactly 13 schools and none of them will accept my diploma.

    so i advise no one to go through continental because they are taking people money

    who really want to do something with them selves and the d**n diploma is none accredited..


    that really sucks... and the school officals are just telling me anything

    like the diploma is accredited but the agency they accredited through isn"t 

    even a recognize agency.... i paid 475.00 for a peace a paper that's no good. smh

    now the thing that's unfair is that i was enrolled in 09 when that school was accredited.

    but by me graduateing after jan.2010 make my diploma unaccredited... so please don't do it.



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  26. Guest21497497
    Yes i graduated from there feb, 2010 and im currently enrolled in and takimg up nursing. They have a great program and they teachers are the best. i would reccomend continental to anyone.... -hubb
  27. Guest21397237
    I would Love To put together a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT agianst CONTINENTAL ACADEMY Please do not trust this place! i RECIVE A "DIPLOMA" BUT when I wanted to attend Full Sail college... i was told it is no good! 500$ for a piece of c**p paper that is no good.... I hope that you do not choose them..
  28. Guest21397237
    Please do not trust this place! i RECIVE A "DIPLOMA" BUT when I wanted to attend Full Sail college... i was told it is no good! 500$ for a piece of c**p paper that is no good.... I hope that you do not choose them..
  29. Guest21241404
    I enrolled in their OUTREACH online program and graduated in September 2010. I can attest to the fact that I had nothing but a good experience with Continental Academy. Thanks to Continental, I’m now enrolled in a community college and plan to be there for two years and then transfer those credits to my local university. Physically attending classes is not the only option for students. I prefer to study online and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Continental, I would have never graduated from high school. The reason I chose Continental is because they have been serving the homeschooling community since 1996 and my neighbor recommended them to me.
  30. Guest21110308
  31. Guest20993643
    I recently was looking into going to this "Academy" but I called my local college and they told me its a big fraud so if it were me i would look into something else people pay upto $400 for a diploma that is completely useless call your local college or which ever college you are thinking of attending and ask them if they accept a diploma from there before you get it because you may spend $400 for no reason
  32. Guest20729355
    I graduated in 2010 from Continental Academy and decided to enroll in my town’s community college. After doing my research, I came to the conclusion that Congress is currently having congressional hearings on the for profit career college industry for financial aid fraud and illegal recruitment practices. You end up with a lot of debt and credits that you cannot transfer anywhere because no one will accept these online college credits. Just visit google and type financial aid fraud. Almost all of the online colleges are associated with fraud. Go to a real school like your state community college or state university. Good luck!
  33. Guest20727912 Note: The U.S. Department of Education does not have the authority to accredit private or public elementary or secondary schools, and the Department does not recognize accrediting bodies for the accreditation of private or public elementary and secondary schools. However, the U.S. Department of Education does recognize accrediting bodies for the accreditation of institutions of higher (postsecondary) education. If an accrediting body which is recognized by the Department for higher education also accredits elementary and secondary schools, the Department's recognition applies ONLY to the agency's accreditation of postsecondary institutions.”
  34. Guest20719621
    This school isn't accredited by the US Dept of Education. No business schools will accept this diploma. My daughter is now having to get her diploma for ashworth college which is US Dept approved. Go on the website for the US DEPT OF EDU WEBSITE FOR APPROVED LONG DISTANCE SCHOOLS. You can also call some of your local business schools for there input.
  35. Guest20684771
    Okay I Want To Know What Online Colleges Are Accepting Continental Acdemy graduates Because I Recently Graduted From There And Schools Like Penn FOster,Universty Of Phonex.Ashford Universty.Everst And So On Have Denied To Accept Gradutes From Continental Because There Not regionally accredited School No More..There Now Taking Students Money And Lieing Lieing Lieng!!..So i Would Like To Know What Online School Accepts That Diploma For graduates Of 2010??
  36. Guest20599144
    Yes. I’m a 27 year retired High School Principal. I was able to help my neighbor’s son enroll with Continental Academy and he was able to graduate from high school. Continental Academy is an accredited home study high school. All of their programs can be completed from your home. They have a choice of online, CD, or printed books mailed to your home. In terms of being accepted by a college after you graduate from high school, the acceptance of credits or graduates is always the prerogative of the receiving institution or employer and is based on the admissions requirements of the college or policies and procedures of the employer. In the previous post, the individual was describing applying to a university. To enter a university, you must have completed two years of foreign languages (Example, French, Spanish, Japanese, etc..), two years of advanced math such as Trigonometry and Calculus, and two years of advanced sciences such as Physics and Chemistry. Those are courses that Continental Academy does not offer. Continental Academy’s home study programs can help a student for employment purposes such as jobs that require proof of earning a high school diploma and to take college classes at your local community college. Keep in mind that all of the credits you earn at your community college can transfer to the university of your choice. My neighbor and his son were very satisfied with Continental Academy’s home study program (not every student can succeed in an attendance based program).
  37. Guest20520001
    This school is no longe accedited. They withdrew from the regional accreditation. Most universities will not accept their degree. Some community colleges will because of their accreditation. You are better off getting a GED because every school will accept. I was able to finish my BA before the lost their status and I've tried several universities, with no avail. The school that I got my BA will not accept me. They are not telling the prospective students the real deal.
  38. Guest20442839
    Yes. Continental Academy is a home study high school. The best education is for a student to be sitting in front of a teacher however, if that cannot happen then Continental Academy can be an option to earn your high school diploma. My son graduated in June 2010 and he is currently taking college classes at our local community college. He was accepted by the community college because he earned his high school diploma from Continental Academy and he earned a high score on the SAT and ACT exams. Please keep in mind that a high school diploma from any high school, by itself, is not enough to be accepted by a college. A high school diploma is the minimum requirement. You must meet the additional requirements of the college such as having a sufficient score on the SAT and/or ACT exams. Each year our local public school graduates hundreds of students who are not accepted by colleges and universities because they do not have the academic skills to meet the additional entrance requirements. As an example, last year the University of Miami only accepted 38% of their college applicants. Attending a college or university is a privilege; not a right. The acceptance of high school graduates is always the prerogative of the receiving institution or employer. I would recommend that you visit the website of the college you are interested in and find the admissions requirements for homeschoolers (students who earned their high school diploma through a home study program). If you cannot find it, call the Admissions Department and ask them what are the admissions requirements for homeschoolers. This way you will know exactly what is required from the college you want to attend. Each college has their own admissions requirements. The bottom line is that having a high school diploma is much better than not having a high school diploma. Hope this info helps.
  39. Guest20418772
    I have a High School Diploma from them and I was able to get enrolled in my local Community College. So It does work if they accept it.
  40. Guest20375493
    There are six regional accreditors in the US, and they are the gold standard for accreditation both at the secondary level (high school) and at the college level. All legitimate bricks-and-mortar secondary schools and community and 4 year colleges are accredited by one of the regionals. The so-called "National Association for the Legal Support of Alternative Schools" is a fraudulent accreditor not recognized by US DoEd. No credible school "withdraws" voluntarily from regional accreditation, though the regionals will sometimes allow a school to do this to save face. If you want to check on the legitimacy of a school's claims of being accredited by a US DoEd accreditor, use the website. This is the official accreditor-of-accreditors, and it has the only comprehensive list of accredited schools (provided by each of the individual accreditors they recognize) You'll see that Continental Academy is not in their database.
  41. Guest20375493
    IT IS NOT!!! Do not waste your time and money trust me i did faaaake.
  42. Guest20338570
    How many days did it take you to receive your username and password after enrolling for the OUTREACH online program? They said it takes 2 normal school days and I'm already waiting my 3rd day, so I would really like to know if how much did it take for any of you to receive your username and password. Thank You.
  43. Guest20330660
    Hi, Does anybody have any idea how long it takes to complete the OUTREACH program? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
  44. Guest20312266
    Continental Academy will not further your education. If all you want in life is a high school diploma then sure Continental Academy is the place. I got my diploma in 2005 and the school is not S.C.A.S accredited school. SO you will have problems going to Devry,Keiser, FCC, or any other school like that.
  45. Guest20301305
    I received my high school deploma from Continental Academy in 2009 and am now currently in college so yes its a great idea. Like you I did a lot of research on this school and found that it was legit. GOOD LUCK!!
  46. Guest20288145
    yes it is legal. My nephew got his high school diploma from continental academy. He is currently in college.
  47. Guest20225772
    I liked their home study online program. I didn’t have to attend classes and I had access to my online account 24 hours a day. The program is very affordable. Ultimately, my Continental Academy high school diploma helped me get a job which I desperately needed. I recommended Continental to my friend.
  48. Guest20104785
    My high school counselor referred me to Continental because I dropped out of high school (had to support my family). Continental gave me the chance to study at home and work during the day. In Feb. 2010, I graduated from the OUTREACH program and I’m currently at Western Career College. Most of their high school diploma programs are online.
  49. Guest20061456
    Yes. I earned my high school diploma in July 2010 from Continental Academy’s Outreach Program. The program was entirely online. I had access 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. You will need internet access to do the Outreach Program. If you don’t have access to the internet you can do their SEAL Program. I enjoyed the program and it was great to study from home. Right now I’m taking classes at my local community college and applying for a new job with my Continental Academy High School Diploma.
  50. Guest19940217
    I graduated from Continental Academy’s OUTREACH online program last week and I’m currently applying to Western Governors University because they also have online academic programs which would be a natural transition for me. I have a job and a family to take care of and I truly do not have the time to physically attend classes. I was very satisfied with Continental Academy. You simply have to be at least 16 years of age to enroll and you do not have to attend classes. You can study from home.
  51. Guest19869242
    My high school counselor referred me to Continental because I dropped out of high school (had to support my family). Continental gave me the chance to study at home and work during the day. In Feb. 2010, I graduated from the OUTREACH program and I’m currently at Western Career College. Most of their high school diploma programs are online.
  52. Guest19836023
    Continental Academy offers home study programs to earn a high school diploma. Most of their programs are online. You will need a computer and internet access to do their online programs. If you don’t have a computer or internet access you can take their SEAL Program Printed Books program and they will mail the books to your home. I graduated in April 2010 from their PACE online program. I’m currently working towards my Graphic Design degree at Westwood College.
  53. Guest19744302
    Yeah. They have an AWESOME program. I just earned my high school diploma from Continental in June 2010. The teachers are great and you have access to your online program 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. No classes to attend. Right now I’m currently taking college courses at Bramson ORT College in Queens, NY. Take it from me, public high schools are NOT the only option to earn your high school diploma.
  54. Guest19684160
    I graduated from Continental Academy in May 2010 and I could not be happier. My parents are so proud of me. Right now I’m attending my local community college and landed a job that required proof of earning a high school diploma. Yes it is a legitimate diploma and I have two friends that are also in college and graduated from Continental Academy. What I liked about Continental Academy is that you can study at home and at your own pace. It was difficult for me to have the time to attend classes because of my baby. I would definitely recommend Continental Academy for someone who needs a high school diploma.
  55. Guest19577914
    Well what i can say is they are well accredited. I receive my diplomat and immediately inroll in a pupolar private college "Columbia Columbia" where it was accepted.
  56. Guest19497573
    I was enrolled in a regionally accredited high school (Ashworth University High School) and withdrew. Their tuition was approximately $2000.00, I received no academic support, and till this day, they have collectors calling me day and night. I transferred to Continental Academy and I am so happy. What a diffrence. The teachers and representatives are very nice and give you support. I graduated with a 3.6 GPA and was able to get the job that I wanted. I also graduated from Concorde with my technical degree. Continental Academy worked for me. Hope this helps.
  57. Guest19497329
    I graduated in year 2001 and I highly recommend this school. With Continental Academy, I was able to continue my education and earn my associates degree at Tyler Junior College. Continental Academy has been continuously accredited by the National Association for the Legal Support of Alternative Schools since year 2000. A high school diploma is not enough to be accepted into college. The applicant must meet the additional entrance requirements such as having a sufficient score on the SAT or ACT exam. Every year, our public high schools in Texas award high school diplomas to hundreds of students who are not accepted into college because they cannot meet the additional entrance requirements of the college. Being accepted by a college is a privilege, not a right. Also, regional accreditation on this blog is blown out of proportion. Regional accreditation agencies are private companies (not government agencies) and they are only recognized for the accreditation of colleges and universities – not high schools. Proof of this fact can be seen below from the web site of the U.S. Department of Education: Note: The U.S. Department of Education does not have the authority to accredit private or public elementary or secondary schools, and the Department does not recognize accrediting bodies for the accreditation of private or public elementary and secondary schools. However, the U.S. Department of Education does recognize accrediting bodies for the accreditation of institutions of higher (postsecondary) education. If an accrediting body which is recognized by the Department for higher education also accredits elementary and secondary schools, the Department's recognition applies ONLY to the agency's accreditation of postsecondary institutions. Accreditation does not provide automatic acceptance by an institution of credit earned at another institution, nor does it give assurance of acceptance of graduates by employers. Acceptance of students or graduates is always the prerogative of the receiving institution or employer. If you plan on attending college, you MUST be aware of all of the admissions requirements of the college of your choice. The vast majority of colleges have specific admissions requirements for homeschoolers (students who earned their high school diploma from a home study program). YES, you can be accepted into college however, you have to meet all of the college’s admissions requirements.
  58. Guest19489997
    need to get my grade report .do i more test to take thank you!
  59. Guest19470004
  60. Guest19327816
    I just earned my high school diploma and now I'm a student a Florida State University. Yes FSU!! I'm so excited. I went through a hands on onlione school: Innovative Learning Academy. P.S. I was accepted into the University of Miami als, but the tuition was too much. If I can help you (I can only answer questions about being a student, lol)Call me, Renee' at 954-892-3535.
  61. Guest19300638
    I signed up for Continental Academy about 3 years ago.I did not take them online, instead they sent me work, and i sent it back to them through the mail. It seemed okay for awhile, but i finished the geometry part and sent it back 3 times and failed every time! I even cheated the last time i took the test, and still failed. It happened with my sister as well. I gave up on it and quit sending them payments. They've been hounding me for the money ever since, and have sent me at least 10 letters and e-mails saying that i had completed all my credits and all i had to do was pay them the rest of the money and i would get my diploma. And i never finished anything! I would definitely not recommend using this school.
  62. Guest19118266
    I graduated in 2003 from Continental but didn't apply for college until 2008. I am about to finish my AA at a local community college in Florida then transfer to a University for my Bachelors. The Universities when I applied wouldn't accept the diploma from Continental. Community college took it and the bridge program for community colleges to transfer to university is an automatic in. I've had no complaints. This was years ago though. My friend went to a private high school that you actually attend (not online) when she applied for college she found out that her diploma was absolutely worthless. Continental is accredited the same as private schools and there accrediation is different from public ones.
  63. Guest19115988
    Yes they were once accredited, but unfortunately they lost that accreditation. I received mine in 2003 and went to Devry University with it, but I wanted to go for nursing. After a couple of years trying to get back to school, I apply to the local community college and my diploma was turn down. They are no longer acceptable. Now I am currently taking the Adult High School program at my local community college and I am about to finish. I should of done this from the beginning instead of paying for my diploma with Continental Academy. The Adult High School Program that are available in the local college are FREE..FREE...FREE and are quaranteed a spot in college or university!
  64. Guest19111518
    they are accreditated through n.a.l.s.a.s i just looked it friend has a diploma through them and shes in school
  65. Guest19024294
    hi my friend did it, she did the pace program . she used her diploma to do other courses . she had no problems. i just sign up to do it myself and im to old to sit in class room myself so i am doing it online. hope that help you.
  66. Guest19017654
    Go for it, I've done some research and its a good option for me, Im 35. And Im in no hury. I hate class, and im going to consult with the private college I plan to attend. If they say they take it, im going for it.
  67. Guest18981496
    One word, DENIED! from the 2 colleges that i applied to. I got my diploma from there in April 2010. Unfortunately I didn't know they had lost their accreditation. It's very disappointing. The only reason why I went there is because they were accredited. It's not fair how they didn't notify the students of this crucial matter. Well, life is never fair.
  68. Guest18959367
    This school was a waste of my time and money! Don't do it its a scam!
  69. Guest18914837
    Like the other poster, I enrolled my son in October 2009, when Continental Academy was still accredited. I learned (after my son graduated in March 2010) that they withdrew from SACS on 10 December 2009. I talked to the people at SACS who said that no diploma would be considered accredited for anyone who graduated after January 2010. The bad thing is that I found this out accidentally. Continental Academy never even notified the students of what they were doing or that their diplomas would now be considered unaccredited.
  70. Guest18843301
    Continental HAs lost is accredition. You might want to check out NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL - fully accredited $150 a month - self paced. Thanks. Sheila
  71. Guest18831190
    Just found out today after my daughters spent 7 months earning their diplomas that they "withdrew" from CITA/SACS (quote from Continental's Ms. Trinh). We spent almost $1000 for both girls and they now have a worthless diploma. I DID research them and per the SACS website when we enrolled in Oct 2009, they were SACS accredited through 2012. The program was great, but apparently it was to good to be true.
  72. Guest18766104
    Fact: REGIONAL accreditation conforms to the highest educational standards established in the United States...UCLA, Villanova, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Mississippi State, LSU, etc and virtually all other traditional campus-based universities in the country are regionally accredited programs. The FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT requirement for acceptance into any regionally accredited University program (campus or internet-based) is.... Your High School Diploma or GED MUST have been earned through a regionally accredited program. This is indisputable. If you graduated from a public high school, your diploma is regionally accredited. If you "dropped out" of high school and did not complete all requirements to obtain a diploma, the ONLY WAY to qualify for acceptance into a regionally accredited university is to obtain a regionally accredited GED. Your State Department of Education's GED office is the sole entity responsible for qualifying, testing, and awarding regionally accredited GEDs. If you PAID for a diploma or GED thru an online program, you BOUGHT a piece of paper from a BUSINESS.
  73. Guest18695759
    yea i agree everyone am jose from philly nj ny tri-state it is a real school i was amaze so happy to invest in my diploma only cause it get me now since just barely three months all the college offer four and 1 university here in nj to l.a. so yep sure is real.not a diploma mill the people who are saying this are not ASTUTE on continuental i doubt they even know what astute me see mine as see my college offer i have so proud they are real cause they help me get now college any day now. So do not let no 1 discourage you all. the Strong confident astute women men over 18 to 80 know about what school is either accredited or not.continental is fully STILL ACCREDITED.go check out the is FULLY as i know this i was accepted at four online college as rutgers university TOP notch college in new brunswick nj.fully accredited.worth the price i would hav finish in 2 or so months but i get sidetrack then went for it extend for a year college accept me i am so happy.will be making right decision shortly.weak people believe all hater type people then WALK AWAY from something great.Sure DEVRY excel in what they do and THEY too accept it many do.all about being confident and let you as your Continental diploma speak for you it work for me. just trying to elect either new jersey university on campus for my legal work studies or online at University of Phoenix et. good luck everyone and i am now pushin' 30 got my continental high school diploma online just feb 2010 four college online and one offline university accept happy.if you believe haters and DON'T go for it your goin to be like the haters here never getting anywhere really in life.the college degree at the end ofthe day what matter not a high school piece of paper continental just HELP ME get the college choice now in total up to almost five now. if any 1 wanna email me peace out from jose ny nj philly tri-state.
  74. Guest18121255
    Actually I got into a 4 yr private college called Alverno just recently I got my acceptance letter and was approved for loans and i got a scholarship from alverno. I graduated from continental in 2007 when THEY WERE still accredited. Since I graduated in 2007, my diploma is still accredited, but i dont believe the school is anymore, but if you graduated 2007 or before, you shouldn't really have a problem. But the funny thing is that I got into a 4 yr college but my community college wouldn't take it. Im glad i didn't go to a community college because you can't do anything with an associate degree in psychology anyways! So I was so relieved when i found out I got accepted and they took my transcripts!!
  75. Guest17933855
    Well I read most of the answers people gave, and it seems that it is no longer accredited. I enrolled in this program in 2006 when i was 16, I remember getting a huge packet in the mail. One was a booklet and other was a test. I took the test to see where I was going to be placed, so I sent it in and The next thing I received was my Diploma... It was weird but it was accredited by SACS. I was accepted into a trade school in Austin Texas. I have one semester to go and I'll be a certified Medical Office Assistant. Some people want better but i was perfectly fine with this. I have financial aid and i filled out my fasfa with Continental Academy as my high schoool diploma. so anyway i hope this helps.
  76. Guest17869411
    yes continental academy is accredited and yes you can attend any school after is is a great program that you can do from home at your own pace good luck i have 3 classes left with a 3.92 gpa
  77. Guest17818218
    While I am not friends with Continental Academy, I can tell you that they are a real school. In order for any of you to properly state an opinion without misrepresenting your comments (talking BS), you should understand the following: The Higher Education Act, regional accreditation, national accreditation, and specific program accreditation. Bottom line, schools accept whomever they want and it's not a reflection on Continental Academy. Educate yourself so that you do not look like a fool. Well, you're probably already a fool for dropping out. Lots of love....
  78. Guest17715914
    don't do it i went to a job interview got the job then HR call me and said yor diploma is not accredited i was what im enrolled and got accepted in the radiology technology program at keiser how can that be but they lost there accrediation in january 26 2010 ,and now im studying for the ged before i start my program, its so frustrating that i have to start all over again but i wont be turn down anymore by any job once i get my ged...
  79. Guest17694409
    Im taking this further, If anbody else wants to stand up and take this further as well..PLEASE contact me at
  80. Guest17692885
    Well I got my CONTINENTAL ACADEMY Diploma online back in 1999.. I started at Vatterott College in Aug.29th, 2009 then March 29th, 2010 i got a call from the school saying that the Diploma was rejected and was kicked from the school, so i tried Westwood online and they wont even take it.....DONT WAST YOUR MONEY...These people are a jokenow there are looking at a class Action Lawsuit
  81. Guest17532181
    I completed Continental Academy in 2009. It was regionally accredited, but from what I'm reading, apparently they lost their accreditation. Anyhow, I completed it online and I was in a rush. But I finished it at my own pace, which is great. To answer your question, I am currently enrolled in college (30 credits). Actually, I'm about to transfer to University of Utah and I had no problem being accepted. And I did get Financial Aid, Grants,and Scholarships, from both schools. They can care less from where you graduated. But keep in mind, make sure it is regionally accredited. Continental Academy WAS accredited, so find another school.
  82. Guest17532181
    I completed Continental Academy in 2009. It was regionally accredited, but from what I'm reading, apparently they lost their accreditation. Anyhow, I completed it online and I was in a rush. But I finished it at my own pace, which is great. To answer your question, I am currently enrolled in college (30 credits). Actually, I'm about to transfer to University of Utah and I had no problem being accepted. And I did get Financial Aid, Grants,and Scholarships, from both schools. They can care less from where you graduated. But keep in mind, make sure it is regionally accredited. Continental Academy WAS accredited, so find another school.
  83. Guest17399688
    yes it is real i have one and im about to become a rn that is the only one thats real
  84. Guest17366008
    I got accepted into Western Governors University... I recommend anyone who is serious about getting their bachelors degree and just finished or has a HS Diploma from continental to get into this school, if they can't get into any other school of their choice.
  85. Guest17353599
    I finished the hold program in one week.
  86. Guest17343153
    Don't do It I am sitting here noe bawling my eyes just got shot down by devry. Spent hours in intake and the very nice admissions lady had me so happy to be about to start school.pnly to be shot down and say that they dont take it.
  87. Guest17336611
    Can anyone who is or have attended Continental Academy's 24 credit courses please tell me how long would you say a person would take to finish. They explain that you go at your own pace but I'm thinking of registering my son this week and want some idea of how long it took others to finish.
  88. Guest17157731
    I have my high school diploma with Continental Academy and i am working on my B.S.IT Network Management. I have not had one problem with it. I also had my daughter's aunt get her diploma from there as well. She just finish college with her b.s. in nursing. She now makes $28 hour. I say go for it.
  89. Guest16989226
    It's a diploma mill just like any other online GED. it may fool many but it won't fool the eyes of the government and good education. FASFA don't approve of any online school, i have contact them and they had apply at no online GED school is real. you can't passed your GED without going in and taking the test in person. Thats how the verify that its you doing your GED not someone else. You don't need a GED or high school diploma to get into little community college and little college like beauty college and dervy. but in order to get financial aid online GED or High school diploma aren't worth anything matter of fact when they find out you can get kick out or have to re-pay the college and financial aid back.
  90. Guest16934577
    Devry College or Devry University accepts Continental Academy. Anywhere but NY it will be easy to accept the diploma. But since they lost their credentials in 2010 hurry up and apply wherever before you get turned down. Penn Foster offers HS Diploma as well
  91. Guest16929514
    Do not get that diploma they are not recognized by the colleges, to find out this information go on any colleges website and do live chat and they representative will let you know. I tried that a few weeks ago.
  92. Guest16885950
    i live in new york city and most of the good schools here don't accept it anymore. CUNY and SUNY for the most part they dont and thats a lot of schools that fall under the CUNY and SUNY system in NY. Devry accepts it though but i dont want to attend that school too expensive. I am going to apply to these schools in these order. 1) WGU (Western Governors University) 2) Florida Tech (Florida Institute of Technology) 3) Colorado Technical University 4) UWF ( University of WEst Florida ) 5) Fort Hays state University 6) Northeastern University 7) Marist College 8) American InterContinental University 9) Devry University (last choice)
  93. Guest16858554
  94. Guest16832905
    So has anyone actually gotten into college with the diploma from there school? I mean currently attending? It seems most people are happy they got the diploma in the mail. I'll charge 10.00 with no class work and just send you a piece of paper saying you have a diploma. To me it seems like a piece of paper your paying for that won't get you anywhere. I have called a few schools in my area and they dont accept them because they arent accredited. If you want to know if its real or not call a school you want to go to and ask if they except that diploma or not. Sounds easy to me.
  95. Guest16744590
    Im attending Continental Academy right now i have to say there are som easy questions and some hard but i already finised 3 courses im taking the 24 credit one. to tell you the truth you can finish this is less then a month
  96. Guest16702763
    Wow, I am going to apply at many schools and go wherever I get accepted at then before they catch up to it and deny me because of my Continental Academy .. I know in NY is really really hard nowadays.
  97. Guest16610491
    well actually my college told me that penn foster and continental was the only accredited high school diploma online....I wasted 400 at Belford High School that was thee biggest scam
  98. Guest16527462
    Yes ... I do know. The price for their programs depend on which and how you take them. They start at $350 and go up to $795. Continental Academy had a great period from 2006 to 2009 in which the managed to be regionally accredited (SACS) and nationally accredited (fishy entity NALSAS). During that period their diploma was pure gold, you could get it in a month an be in a decent college in a few days. But now things have changed ... They lost their SACS accreditation which is the important one. At this point there diplomas is worth nothing. It will not get you into beauty school or ITT tech or community college. Basically the only thing that you can do with their diploma is get a job in a fast food restaurant or cut the lawn. Hope this helps beaware!!!
  99. Guest16499940
    yes its actually a private scool in miami,fl that offers the high school diploma onlu=ine. its a great school to attend and in my opinion the most honest and best as far as earning your diploma from home i am currently enrolled in the outreach program and i have two younger siblings who actually graduated from their home school program and both are attending great colleges as we speak.
  100. Guest16436514
    Continental Academy is a joke. Where is the data on supervision of students enrolled? You can get your friend to do the work. Good Gawd, listen to you people. You are paying for a piece of paper. A college won't care, they get money for your enrollment, too. You should care. You should want to get an education, not a piece of paper. Go to a regular high school and stop looking for the easy road. You will struggle in college and flunk out with a Continental Academy diploma. At the very least, get your GED.
  101. Guest16327629
    New York State is a little strict with this. I guess I will try to enroll in whatever school accepts me for a year then transfer out to a bigger/better school.
  102. Guest16296928
    i got my diploma from them and tried 2 go into the military and they said it was considered a ged through them.....they do have a new 24 credit program that is pretty good my brother just took it.....they did except the 24 credit diploma but not the 16 credit program.....i enrolled and they were awesome i couldnt ask for a better place 2 go 2 school....i used mine 2 get into no its not a scam.....if ur gunna do it just do the 24 credit program.
  103. Guest16154601
    I applied to CUNY (City University of New York) and this is what they said. The City University of New York accepts high school diplomas from schools that have regional, not trans-regional accreditation. Since the school in which I graduated from is not accredited by one of the regional associations that CUNY recognizes I have to take my GED.
  104. Guest15903042
    Hey Jah here, I was wondering for the people that have received there diploma from Continental Academy and are now attending collage pls tell all when you say the word COLLAGE! Like what collages do accept this diploma?
  105. Guest15782590
    I got my hs diploma from there back in 2005. I enroll at TCC and they will not accept my transcript due to the school been unaccredited.
  106. Guest15728694
  107. Guest15358206
    yes yes yes go to continental academy my sister got her diploma from there they actually ask for your transcript and send you homework and tests if you don't have a computer they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!! im starting there in august.
  108. Guest13928600
    well i i got a diploma from continental to help me get into westwood college thus diploma is accepted were ever u need it it will cost u $350 dls u just have to take like 100 cls on line math reading us histomy and at the final of each review there will be a test u must get a 70% or higher to pass on each exam verry easy them wend u are finish paying the 350 u will get your diploma on the mail in 3weeks hope this helps u
  109. Guest13158640
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  110. Guest13157407
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  111. Guest12797519
    they are the most affordable fully accredited online high school ...i used them a few years back and it was all good.
  112. Guest12271998
    Wow. The education through these institutions must be outstanding. The grammar and punctuation in these responses are incredible. Continental has churned out some eloquent alumni. Good luck in the Pulitzer quests.
  113. Guest11953970
    i got my high school diploma through them its not a scam i just used it to enroll in college i look up there accrediation and verify it that was the only one that i seen so far that not a scam google (cita) and put in there school and they are with them
  114. Guest11631337
    i juz recently completed continental academy juz recieved my diploma in the mail 2day actually it is accredited i did my research they r backed up by (SACS CASI) LOOK IT UP ALL IN ALL IT IS A GREAT PROGRAM AND ITS NOT A SCAM
  115. Guest10863364
    it seems to be ok to me they always reply back the school is where they say it is all you got to do is call 411info and and tell them you looking for contintal academy in fl ade the school is real Im work with them now trying to earn my high school diploma and i hopre it work out for me but in the mean time im going to keep it postive and keep it moving.... jessica col ga

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