Clark Gable did a movie on Long Island?

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A couple of blocks of homes in our neighborhood of Merrick, Long Island, New York are called "Gable homes" ostensibly because Clark Gable lived in or near that area when filming a movie.

Is there any truth the claim that Clark Gable did a movie on Long Island? If so, what was it? I did not see anything that suggested that it really happened.


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  1. John


    Dear Rod...

    I am a great admirer of Clark Gables and watch a lot of his outstanding movies. And as I have a lot of information about Clark Gables, I can tell you the truth about his life.

    Traditionally, a \"gable home\" is a home with an outcropping including a window, or a gable... remember Hawthornes \"The House of the Seven Gables\"? This famous novel was written in 1851, and well acclaimed in American Literature.

    This interesting novel is based on the contemporary conditions of the mid-19th century, with glimpses into the history of the house, as the house was built in the late 17th century. The main objective of this book is in the subtle and involved descriptions of the main characters and their unique motives.

    As for as Clark Gables is concerned, certainly there were not seven Clark Gables, especially since the book was written a hundred years before he was born. So it is quite clear for you now.

    Hope this helps you. still if you have some questions then do ask again and again.

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