Anyone who is serious adopting my baby should email me directly at (

by Guest23297155  |  10 years ago

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Please,please,! only serious inquiries.Endeavor to contact me via my email(
Do not email me if you are not serious.

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  1. Guest24600426
    My wife and I have spent the last year going through fertility treatments and nothing has worked the doctor told us my wives eggs are no good and we were wasting our time and money after all of the doctor fees we can not afford adoption fees we would be so greatfull happy complete getting to love and be the parents of any baby

  2. Guest23675414

    ,I am a mom of 3 grown children and 6 grands. All live 900 miles away so dont get to see them often. My husband and I would love to adopt your child. Please e-mail me

  3. Guest23360899

     We are looking to adopt a child and start our family. After nearly nine years of infertility we desire to start our family with an adopted baby. You can learn more about us on our website at:

  4. coryandkeithadopt

    if you are serious you may see our website at  We are a loving stable couple looking to adopt a baby

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