Any family needing a baby to adopt, Where should we contact online?

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Any family needing a baby to adopt, Where should we contact online?

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  1. Guest25031724

    hello mixed couple here living in philly but heading to ny . were 11 to 12 weeks in the pregnancy just looking for a couple very well stable and willing to help us find a place to stay sine we are homless. were clean drugfree couple, very descrete and have no problems with thelaw at all..we are really thinking about abortion but if someone is really trying to help us and adopt the baby well we are willing. we could be reached at, or just call us at 267 608 3897 thank you

  2. Guest23882438

    We are interested in adopting.

  3. Guest23349806

    we are interested in adopting


  4. Guest23278049


    We are looking to adopt a newborn baby and have a website at where you can learn a little about us and get our contact info.  We would love to talk to you about your adoption plan and what you are looking for in a family.  My best wishes on your search.


  5. ericann2adopt

    If you decide adoption is right for you, my husband and I are a loving, active and happy married couple with two beautiful kitties who live in Southeastern Michigan. We are home study approved waiting to adopt a newborn to love and cherish for the rest of our lives. We do not have any children, and are praying that our dream of being parents becomes a reality.

    We live near greatest schools, parks and libraries. We love to be outdoors, camping in our travel trailer, walking the beaches and swimming in lakes, spending happy times with our families and making memories at home. We look forward to sharing all of these wonderful things with a child.

    Please visit our website, where you will learn more about us, read our birth mother letter and see our slideshow. Our parent profile is also at

    We hope to hear from you and wish you peace in your heart and mind as you make your decision.

    Ann and Eric

  6. luckygirl1997

    Hi . My name is Twyla I'm 33. I have two beautiful children that are 16yrs old and 14yrs old. I married the man of my dreams and wanted a baby with him but after I had my 2 children my bladder ripped and caused damage to my tubes with so many scars. I had that 1 chance but miscarried due to the scars. Now i can't carry anymore. My husband has no children and would like to have some. His name is justin and is a AZ licenced truck driver and I am a full time mother. I would love to have the chance to share the love that I have and raise that baby with all my heart. I will give that child everything that they need. i have everything to bring a child home. My husband would love to adopt your baby

  7. Guest22916999

    My husband and I would love to adopt your baby. E-mail me at

  8. Guest22887367

    Hello there , my name is Sandra Deanne Rodriguez , am 21 years old ... I Am Looking for a Very Financially Stable Couple Willing To Adopt My 10 months old Baby boy , please you can e-mail me back at for more information and pictures of him .

    NB: Only serious and christian family should contact me please , i will be impatiently waiting for your reply ...

  9. Guest22757743

    We are a loving, good natured, secure same s*x couple who are home study approved with an agency in New York.  We live in the city and a house in the country.  We seek to adopt a new born to 2 yr old boy to love and cherish.  We are two people who love to laugh and respect eachother.  We will make the best Dads anyone could ever want for.  There are lots of female role models in our lives that will give a child a wonderful balance.  We can be reached at , our phone number 877-354-0525 or through our agency at 866-922-3678.  Our prayers are with anyone who must make this difficult decision and for those that are still waiting.

  10. Guest22481068

    I will try to send you an email today regarding your post. My email is just so you know where it is coming from,hope to chat with you soon.

  11. Guest22465654

     I tried to email you but your email address is incorrect.

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