Any comment about the Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen’s relation?

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I have not heard some good news about the couple. I want to know what the current status of the couple is. I am totally ignorant about the current statuesque of this couple.

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  1. John

    Now everybody knows that their marital relationship is over, but what left behind are Sam and Lola. The young boy and girl of the ex couple are only reason which can be discussed between them. Despite accounts that Denise Richards' daughters, Sam, 7, and Lola, 6, are with their father, Charlie Sheen, causes notify me both juvenile females are at dwelling with their mother, far away from all the drama.

    It is difficult to imagine what is going on with Denise Richards, as she nearly let her daughters be part of the insanity that's going on right now. Her first main concern is Sam and Lola, and she would not ever permit them to be part of this circus, a source close to the player notifies me.

    No doubt she has proved her hard work in the recent years or so to confirm her young children understand as little as likely about their dad's assorted vices, if they be pharmaceutical or women-related. But with Charlie's assault on the newspapers over the last couple of days, it's become progressively hard for her to fend off their natural curiosity. The young women are now at an age when they are beginning to inquire inquiries about him.

    You cannot turn on a television this week and not glimpse Charlie suspending out with his so-called 'goddesses' or ranting about CBS, my source complains. But what you have to recall is that no one of this is new for the persons in his life.


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