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Antoine Paquin has been with Rho Canada for over 3 years and has an extensive tech background with successful gigs. Prior to joining Rho Canada in 2006, Antoine had a 15 year background in technology as both an entrepreneur and an investor.

Antoine Paquin loves selling and has been active as an entrepreneur, CEO, and angel investor at: Skystone Systems (sold to Cisco), Philsar Semiconductor (sold to Conexant/Skyworks), Extreme Packet Devices (sold to PMC Sierra), Semiconductor Insights (sold to United Business Media), Solidum Systems (sold to IDT), BitFlash (sold to OpenText), and Axiom Microdevices.

Antoine was the Anderson’s National Capital entrepreneur of the year in 1997, won the National IWAY Innovation award in 2000, and won the National Research Council Innovator’s award in 2000. He received a Masters in Project Management from the Universite de Quebec and a Bachelor of Engineering, Systems and Computers, from Carleton University.

Mr. Paquin currently serves on the boards of the wireless operator of the last Canadian AWS auction, Pyrophotonics, Accedian Networks, and Javaground. Last but not the least; Antoine Paquin is a vivid athlete and extreme sport lover, run forest run.

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