Can you tell me about the movie of Chatlotte?

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It only took me about 12 hrs, but i finally did it. It's called "i know where I am going" with Wendy Hiller. Please email me and give me every little detail about your movie you can think of. Was she a blonde or a brunette? what decade did the picture take place in? was it a fishing town? What was the mans profession? Did she love someone else? Did she lose her memory? I cant remember the name of a movie, or who starred in it. It was about a woman going to meet her Fiance. She gets stuck in Scotland because of a storm, her Fiance talks to her over a short wave radio and finds out a friend of with her and he asks him to look after her. At first she can't stand him , and then falls in love with him during the course of the movie. He is a descendant of a cursed castle, and he takes her there to read the curse written on a stone tablet(at the end of the movie) written in Gaelic? it sort of reads: all the males born of this castle are doomed to be forever chained to something. Anyway it turns out not to be a curse at all, but a sappy and beautiful gift of eternal love.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The movie “I Know Where I am Going” is a romantic film which was made in the year 1945. It was released by British film makers Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. The cast of the movie included Wendy Miller, Roger Livesey and also features other actors such as Pamela Brown, Finlay Currie and Petula Clark. It was the fourth appearance of Petula Clark.

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