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Registration, Renewal and online methods to brows the website for required results. Need help so if anyone know about it then do let me know. I want to gather information from

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    Respected Sir,

    Name: S.ILAVARASI  Date of Birth: 21.11.1979 Reg.No: W/8138/2001 Expiry Date.09/2010 Please Renewal my Emp.Card kindly

  2. Guest22134315

    how to i renewal my UG where register in villupuram

  3. Guest21928824

    how to renewal my M.Sc.Degree in online

  4. Guest21790273

    how to register online in employment exchange 1. How to register online? On clicking the candidate’s corner, an E-registration form is displayed. Fill up all the details and scan the required certificates and submit the form. On submission, a temporary ‘used id’ and ‘password’ will be created. Within 7 days, if the details are accurate, your request will be accepted by the Employment Officer, your ID card can be generated. You can take print out and maintain it. 2. How to register additional qualification? Click the additional online option, scan the certificate of the qualification you wish to add and submit it. Within 7 days, if the details are accurate, your request will be accepted by the Employment Officer, yourID card can be generated. You can take print out and maintain it. 3. Can renewal be done online? Yes. Renewal can be done online. Renewal has to be done once in 3 years, i.e. the month preceding, the month of his/her initial registration and the two succeeding months. If the candidate fails to renew within the stipulated time, the candidate is given 18 months time excluding the due month of his/her renewal. 4. How shall I know whether my application for registration is accepted or rejected? Using your temporary registration number as ‘user id’ and date of birth as ‘password’, the status of the application for registration can be known. 5. Is change of address possible online? Yes. Candidates themselves can change the address. 6. Can I register my ‘Priority Certificate’ online? Since ‘Priority Certificates’ like Land acquisition need confirmation as to it’s genuineness, the candidate cannot register any Priority Certificate online instead he has to send xerox copies of certificates by post or in person. 7. What kind of employment opportunity can I expect? All State / State Quasi / Central / Central Quasi / Local Body and Government Aided Institutions fulfill their manpower requirements through candidates nominated by the Employment Offices where seniority is main criteria. For Central Government vacancies bio-data of candidates are collected from open market simultaneously. 8. How can a ousted person register? Persons nominated through Employment Offices and ousted for want of vacancy have to approach the Employment Offices within 90 days from the ousted date to retain their original seniority. 9. If I am a post graduate, where should I submit the application form whether in Chennai or Madurai ? If you belong to the Districts of Chennai, Kancheepuram, Thiruvallur, Vellore, Thiruvannamalai, Cuddalore, Villupuram, Perambalur, Ariyalur, Trichy, Tanjaur, Thiruvarur, Nagapattinam, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri and Salem you have to submit the application to Chennai, Professional and Executive Employment Office and others to Madurai Branch of Professional and Executive Employment Office. 10. How many qualification can I register at a time ? At a time you can register any number of qualification. Subsequently if you acquire any additional qualification or experience, you can register it online. 11. How shall I set right my records if there are any discrepancies? You are requested to contact the Employment Officer in person along with the relevant records to set right the discrepancies if any. 12. Who is eligible to register online? Only those residing in the state of Tamil Nadu are eligible to register online. 13. What are the facilities available online for job seekers? The facilities available for the job seekers are online registration, online renewal, up-dation of qualification, experience, generation of identity card. verification of details and cut of dates of seniority for different qualification. for

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    For renewal i used,i given username and password..but it shows invalid...pls help me to renewal...


  6. Guest21127668
    how to apply my registration
  7. Guest20962123
    how to renewal my B.Sc and M.Sc. (bio-chemistry)
  8. Guest20949390
    plz how to renewal on-line the B.Ed my renewal date is 4/2010
  9. Guest20831915
    hello how to check my registration either correct or wrong where we get it the permanand registration number and how to check in the related web site
  10. Guest20801049
    i don't the link .where to check the old registration details & how to update it when we do higher studies
  11. Guest20779485
    what are the details to be scan and attached

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