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My brother in-law invested money into my incorporate for which I gave him a promissory note.
I honored that promissory note but he feels he should have had a higher return.
He & this lawyer (who is personal friend) emailed making reference to an attachment about a payment agreement for my consideration. But there was no attachment for my consideration.
My brother in-law & his lawyer than created a payment agreement forged my signature on consent to have a default judgment render against me for a very large sum of money. They used the office manager of the same lawyer firm to witnesses the signature. The office manager is also the wife of one of the partner who is a practicing lawyer.
It is clearly not my signature & I wasn’t present during the signing of this document. As well the statement of claim is full of falsehoods with many incorrect statements that I can easily argue with factual proof.
My question is, isn’t this witness in a conflict of interest because she works at the same lawyer firm???

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