wiring diagram for thermostat attic fan

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rp 59 attic roof fan wiring for which lead is fot hot on thermostat

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    I need the schmetics for 88007000 they didn't send any with the new replacement stat F/Rrs49 thank you

  2. Guest27390430

    Most attic fans have the same wiring setup.  The thermostat is normally open and when the desired temperature is achieved, the circut closes turning the fan on.  The hot lead (black) goes to one spade on the actual thermostat inside the box.  There should be another wire with a spade that comes out the other side of the actual thermostat inside the box and heads to the motor.  The white wire (neutral) goes into the box and then straight to the never interrupt the neutral wire...that can cause electrical fires...There should be a green s***w inside the box for the ground wire.  Connect the ground wire bare copper to that lug.


    A WORD ON SAFETY!!!  Be sure that you have the fan thermostat set to the highest temperature when installing and install the wires on the fan first, then connect the romex or whatever wire you are using to the junction box in the attic...this way the fan won't come on when it is in your hands causing injury and possible finger loss, etc.  As always, be sure the breaker is off before you do any work on the circut.  Check that with an electrical tester before you begin any work and it's always a good idea to put a padlock on the electical box or at least a post-a-note saying "work in progress - do not turn breaker on!"  This will prevent someone from switching the breaker on when you are working on it resulting in injury or electrocution.

    Good Luck!

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